Sewing table on the sewing machine and storage. Do it yourself folding and portable cabinet-table!


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Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sewing table on the sewing machine and storage. Do it yourself folding and portable cabinet-table!.

For people who love to sew, selection table for placing the sewing machine — a crucial step on the way to a comfortable work and the creation of beautiful things. A good table for sewing machines allows you to make the workplace as comfortable as possible. It allows you not only to place the sewing technique, but also the tools and materials used in the work. There are various types of tables for sewing, differing in sizes, design and design.

Kinds of sewing tables:

  • standardtable fora sewing machine;
  • multifunctionalfolding tablefor sewing;
  • table with supplementary tabletop;
  • with automatic lifting of the sewing machine;
  • with the departmentfor overlock;
  • with integrated lighting;
  • with all kinds oftables.

Choosing a sewing table it is necessary to pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. The size of the working room – if the room is big enough, you can choose a functional corner table.In a small room can perfectlypositioneda foldingsewingtable. These tables are very compact when folded. For easy moving it is better to choose a model with wheels.
  2. The dimensions of the sewing equipment – for large machines and overlock need a Desk with a large work area.It is necessary totake into accountwhat kind of equipmentand materialsit shouldcontain, and the quantity of them.
  3. The material of the table – it is important that the table was made of good raw materials.Wooden tables are more durable than chipboard furniture.Also attention should be paid to the quality of furniture fittings.
  4. The manufacturer of furniture – from the variety of existing models it is better to make a choice in favor of the table made by a reliable manufacturer.


Folding table for sewing

Of course, the folding table for sewing is a great alternative for small spaces. Modern folding tables are convenient to operate, and, very importantly, they save space.

Types of folding tables for sewing machines:

  • The table-It consists of threeparts: acentral one and twofoldingside. This table is for those who don’t sew often.The advantages of thatmodelare:compactness,portability, reasonable price. Due to its smallsize, itcan be placedevenin a small room. It is equipped withwheels foreasy moving. Unfortunately,thesetablesdo not havespace to storematerials, andthe location of the tabletopat a high altitudecomfortablyis not for everyone. There are alsoadvancedtable-books, with the departmentfor storage ofthe machine. The sewing machinein simplemodels is placedmanually; the more expensiveare equipped witha lifting mechanism.
  • The table-curbstone. When folded looks like a compact c It has a place for storing sewing machines and materials. At the door can be pockets for , fittings, small tools. In large samples there is a section for storage ofoverlock. On this table there is enough space for large things.It cannot spread, and use only theclothingdepartment.
  • Cornerfolding table. This is folding sewing table, consisting of three parts. One part is expanded, extending the surface of the table on which the machine is placed. The other part is at an angle to the seamstress. This table has a lot of space for work and storage of sewing materials. The downside of this practical model is a relatively high cost.


Antique sewing table

In search of a sewing table, you can find an old sewing machine with a wrought-iron table. In our time, such things can be found on a dusty attic of grandmother. Antique sewing table of famous brand Singer, hidden away from the eyes, perhaps you can still apply for appointment. Antique machines with a worldwide reputation in good condition cope even with the goods.

But, unfortunately, the old sewing machine and table with beautiful wrought-iron frame may not be practical for the modern seamstress due to lack of surface for cutting the material and storage space for tools. If an antique sewing table, for whatever reason, cannot be used for your intended purpose, and to throw such a thing did not raise his hand, it is possible to breathe into it new life by transforming into a variety of other subjects in vintage style. For example, if you attach a wooden top, you can get a table for small items; after some manipulation it is possible to make a chair or a bench; to leave the table as is and use it as a stand for flowers. Antique sewing tables are also very valuable for collectors. If a table is in good condition, it can be sold for a lot of money.


Do-it-yourself sewing table

If the choice of table for sewing machine you are not satisfied with the presented models on the market, or their price is too high for you, you can make yourself such a table.

How to make a sewing table by their own hands:

  • decidewith the model;
  • make a drawing with accurate dimensions of all component parts;
  • order parts oftableina company engaged inmanufacturingfurniture partsaccording to individual orders;
  • buy all the necessary findings (handles, casters, corners, rails for the drawers, plugs, etc.);
  • when theitems will bemade, proceed to theassembly, strictly following theinstructions.

Computer desk can also be adapted to the sewing table. His stand for the monitor, for the system unit and additional shelves is suitable for placement of materials and tools. In the same quality you can use the console table and secretaire. To save space on desktop you can use additional wall shelves. The materials used in the work not often, can be folded in a signed box. If you have very little space for the sewing table, you will save the table-curbstone for sewing machine. This model takes up little space, and at the same time accommodates a large number of things. Note that the folding table-curbstone is convenient for those who do not spend a lot of time at him. When folded, it transforms into a compact pretty nightstand.


Portable sewing table

It is better to use a small sewing table when a seamstress working in small rooms. It can be a folding or regular. Folding table in working condition is multi-function table, convenient for the work with things of small or large size, for cut the fabric, for the finish. These tables are also comfortable because they have additional countertops and lots of shelves for storage behind doors. When folded it takes up very little space, which allows to put it even in a small room.

When using a conventional table need to make maximum use of additional shelves on the walls. This compact sewing table is better to put in the room specially designated for the workshop in order not to clean the working place each time and do needlework even if the guests in the next room.


Table for industrial sewing machine

Sewing table for industrial machine due to its size is not suitable for use in the home. In addition, only the industrial machine is suitable for such a table. Industrial sewing table is used in a clothing industry, from small studios to large sewing workshops for tailoring, curtains, bags and so on. The drive in this table works pretty quiet. Additional nightstands and pull-out of drawers, as a rule, are absent.

None clothing industry does work without the cutting table. If the company is limited funding, it is possible to make a sewing cutting table on their own. Definitely need to take into account the main requirements for cutting table:

  • dimensions (height around 80–90 cm, length not less than 5 meters, and width not less than 170 centimeters);
  • the table surface must be without joints, perfectly straight and smooth.


Best sewing table

Each seamstress wants to have a convenient and practical table that meets its requirements. It must be the correct height, easy to handle, roomy. Beautiful model is a corner table for sewing, consisting of three parts. The sewing machine is placed on the main part, the other open part forms a large table and countertop at an angle can be used to work with over lock. It is remarkable that here there are enough shelves and pockets for tools.

Compact, and at the same time multi-functional table for sewing and storage can have pneumatic elevator for lifting the sewing machine. In the table provided drawers and trays for tools, thread and sewing accessories. Such furniture is equipped with shelves for over lock, iron and material.

Using the tips in this article, the reviews of experienced seamstresses and sellers of furniture, you can easily pick up the table for creativity at your pleasure!

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