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Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sewing overlock Brother 4234D – feedback brother.

If you are professionally engaged in sewing, no sewing serger you can not do. Professional serger Brother will help your products don’t vary from the factory. He came out not so long ago, and have not yet managed to gain a foothold in the market and collect a lot of feedback. But its owners have left reviews about Brother by which you can easily determine the true quality of this sewing equipment from brother.

Brother 4234D

Brother serger sewing machine quite functional, besides, simple to use. Sewing brother serger is equipped with differential feed, automatic filling needles, a looper, and a thread cutter. Press on the fabric also adjusted. Power consumption (overall/lamp) W 70/15. Weight machines brother 6 kg, it is somewhat less than other similar models.
All sewing operations 15. The serger has two types of seams – flatlock seam and role-playing. Stitch length adjustable from 2 to 4 mm and width from 2 to 7 mm presser Foot may rise to a height of 6 mm. sewing Speed on brother can make 1300 stitches/min. Also the machine is equipped with a removable sleeve platform, non-marking, tray, trimmings, compartment for accessories and a soft case.

Brother – reviews

A satisfied acquisition sewing machine Brother 4234D and noted that this is the best option in terms of quality and price.
Dignity. Sewing overlock stitches on all is excellent, durable, many serve for years. Many optional kits and accessories. Picking one of the best. Modern led lamp perfectly illuminates your workspace. The overlock works very quietly and silently. Size small and compact. Also attached to the serger video manual, it can help to cope with it even a novice in sewing. With all this, the price of sewing serger a little lower than its direct competitors.
Disadvantages. In the reviews some have noticed that at high speed holder strands sometimes falling, and sometimes it flies the fourth thread. Shelf, which holds the coil, often falls down, it’s not particularly big problem, but some inconvenience delivers.
Comments. This sewing overlock machine very good for its relatively inexpensive, category. He copes with its task: well sews and sews. Thanks to the intuitive layout of buttons and video instructions to cope with it can even a beginner seamstress.

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