Sewing overlock Brother 3034D – reviews



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sewing overlock Brother 3034D – reviews.

Japanese brand, which produces sewing serger by Brother is one of the best. To distinguish it from other possible by a distinctive design. Now, thanks to its quality it also becomes popular in Russia. Quality stitching, ease of operation and reliability are the key left on the Brother feedback after the purchase and use of a sewing device.

Brother 3034D

In many aspects serger Brother – quite undemanding, stable machine. He has no special features, but those that are, very necessary and useful.
Sewing overlock machine has such functions as sample results tissue, a function of thread tension. Refuel needle automatically. The level of pressing the fabric also adjusted.
Basic sewing operations 8. Only two types of stitches – role-stitch and flatlock. Like the other models, length and stitch width change. Length can be stretched from 2 to 4 mm and width from 2 to 7 mm presser Foot rises to a height of 6 mm. sewing Speed reaches up to 1300 stitches/min. As with other sewing, overlock, a tray for folding scraps, a drawer for accessories, extra removable platform and soft case.

Brother – reviews

Sewing overlock Brother 3034D has received numerous accolades and reviews. When a difficult choice between several models chose him and have not regretted.
Dignity. The edge of the fabric products turn out very smooth and beautiful at any complexity and thickness. Thread is convenient and easy refuels. A container for scraps quite comfortable and roomy. Customizable sewing serger easy, no one had any problems with tension tissue. Many of the reviews praised the quality of the knife. In addition, it’s pretty sharp, it also keeps it quality for years to come. Also, everyone liked that the serger has a high quality build.
Disadvantages. Positive feedback was much greater than the disadvantages, however, some disadvantages still was seen. So, start the machine a few antsy solved this problem replacing the pedal. Also it is sometimes difficult to remember which way you need to twist the tensioner to loosen or to tighten the thread, as there are no signs.
Comments. Sewing sewing machine is quite simple and at the same time functional. Requires almost no additional care, and therefore perfectly suited to novice and professional seamstresses.

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