Sewing machine with overlock – how to select the right machine



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sewing machine with overlock – how to select the right machine.

Today in many stores sewing machine with overlock presented a wide assortment to choose from which is not always easy. And buying such a versatile equipment, it is important to examine not only the technical characteristics and parameters of the sewing machine, but also to think about what should be serger – how to choose and what to pay attention to.

Sewing machine with overlock

Buying a sewing machine with a serger, you can use one stone to kill two birds with one stone. In one device it is possible to combine all the necessary sewing functions: to scribble, to secure the edge of the beautiful overlock stitching, to prevent it from shattering.
If you buy a sewing equipment for household use, such a versatile machine would be sufficient and its use is very convenient. The main thing – to choose what you need. It is worth to note that to overdoit on it to get it significantly slower than a separate serger.
In addition, the sewing machine can beautifully buttonhole only a matter of average and great thickness. And in the processing of knitwear can be some problems: tangling the threads and contraction of the material.
A real serger unlike a sewing machine, cuts the rough edge of the material, is able to make a nice flat seam, equally well abbeyvet any fabric. The line is stretched, not torn.
Sewing machine focused more on the stitching and edging is already an optional feature. But for home sewing from time to time this is enough. But professionals usually have at their disposal not only a sewing machine, but several sergers, each of which is configured to perform a specific operation (processing of thick fabric, thin, rulik…)

Overlock – how to choose?

Multifunctional sewing machine with serger should be chosen taking into account requirements from the particular customer. So before to choose a product, you need to determine exactly what you expect from the equipment and for what purposes you plan to use.
For example, think how many threads should overlit machine. Depending on the design can be chetyrehyarusny a wide seam or thread (more narrow and more visually neat). First used to wrap. tissue is large and of medium thickness, their grinding and one for fine. Some sewing machines are equipped with additional attachments for performing two-line or more delicate role seam.
Also when you select should pay attention to the differential carrier, which may differ in different models of sewing machines with overlock.

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