Sewing machine with a treadle device and repair of machines, Zinger, Podolsk, Seagull



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sewing machine with a treadle device and repair of machines, Zinger, Podolsk, Seagull.

Today a sewing machine with a treadle such as Seagull, Podolsk, singer, or considered as an attribute of the past, rather antique value, Antiques, than of sewing equipment. However, in many homes this car continues to occupy a place of honor and a great pleasure to continue to use it. However, given that the sewing machine is a treadle supplanted by newer and improved models of modern sewing machines, its maintenance becomes increasingly problematic. To buy the necessary parts is almost impossible, as they quite simply been released. And workshops refuse to accept such ancient machines. All that remains to do to happy owners of sewing machines singer or Podolsk is to learn how to repair and adjust it myself.

Foot machine sewing singer – how to eliminate breakage

Arranged a sewing machine with a treadle (Podolsk, Seagull) is easy. All fastening of the friction nodes in it are regulated by the screws which are twisted and unscrewed with a screwdriver. They even put a lock nut that you must loosen before the unwinding of the screws.
Dismantling a sewing machine, clean from dirt and dust the inner cone of the plane, lubricate and put it back. Next, you should adjust the backlash of the drive components. The denser the clamp parts, the less knock-treadle sewing machine quieter. To adjust the tightening torque of the screws, first tighten until it stops, and then relax.
If noise from trucks has not diminished, will have to get another host machine: the axis of rotation of the flywheel. If it remained intact, lubricate it without removing and adjust the gap to make the wheel a little «dangling».

Sewing machine treadle: repair minor equipment

If the sewing foot machine singer needs to be replaced bearing, then buy new is almost impossible. Will have to recover that node in a primitive way – from winding yarn, lubricated with grease, to self-production of nylon bushings. The main thing – to achieve the desired result: to the car wheel spun smoothly, without effort.
One of the most frequently failing items foot machine is a belt. Wearing, it breaks. The torn area is cut off and connect again and, as long as the length of the belt is simply no longer enough. You can buy it on the market traders of old things, but not always cheap. To bridge the gap better than just a paper clip stationery by making holes around the edges of the strap and threading them through the wire ends.
As you can see the repair of sewing machines Chayka, Zinger, Podolsk requires not only skill but also imagination.

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