Sewing machine repair Seagull at home with your own hands


Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sewing machine repair Seagull at home with your own hands.

Not so long ago to repair sewing machines «Chaika» was almost the main direction of the sewing workshops. Fail they often both then and today. But given that to date this sewing machine had to give way to new and more contemporary models to repair, they shall be extremely rare. And the master is not very willingly undertake to repair outdated Gulls. If you do not hurry to part with his assistant, or she sentimental value, you’ll need to learn sewing machine repair at home. So you can not only save money, but also give a second (or third etc) life my dear Chaika.

How to start a sewing machine repair with your own hands at home?

Before you start to repair sewing machines at home a Seagull with his hands, it is necessary to understand the reason for its failure. In the case specifically with this model of sewing machine the most common problem: skips stitches when sewing, the needle breaks, makes poor line.
Skip stitches machine Seagull maybe due to the fact that bent needle or she passes through the hole in the needle plate is not in the middle. In the first case, the repair is simply to replace it. But the second requires more complex manipulation, which is also quite possible to produce without leaving your home. You should open the top cover and adjust the position inside the ring, pulling it close (to slightly loosen the screws). Then, a little priotkroem the screw on the clamp, you must install the needle bar directly in the middle recess and tighten the screws tighter.

Sewing machine repair at home

If the sewing process is often broken needle, sewing machine repair with your own hands would be to adjust the precision passing cone carriage. And in this case requires almost pinpoint accuracy, the neglect of which can lead to two extremes: or, again, will break, or the thread will not be captured.
These are just a few of the possible causes of failure or poor operation of the sewing machine the Seagull. There are many more, and repair should be approached creatively and with passion. You may need a few tries at repair to eliminate the same disadvantage. The main thing – not to give up. Patience and again patience. You can also stock up on magnet. It will be useful to facilitate the search of small bolts and screws, and strive to slip out of the hands of a master when repairing the car Chaika house.

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