Sewing machine repair Podolsk 142


Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sewing machine repair Podolsk 142.

Despite the onset of the 21st century, the sewing machine Podolsk class 2M is still quite common. This is a simple sewing machine, usually with hand, foot and rarely drive. Morally it is outdated and you can buy it for a symbolic price. Also repair sewing machines Podolsk may do more of her. But, despite the rather expensive sewing machine repair Podolsk, their many uses, and it has many causes.

Podolsk 142 – repair

Many of its operational parameters are not inferior to modern sewing machines. To replace a zipper or hem your jeans – it’s all done, even easier than on modern machines «belosnejka».
The device and principle of work of almost all models, even imports, are the same. Therefore, the repair of sewing-machines Podolsk is because many of the parts are easy enough to find. But this does not apply to repair sewing machine Chaika-Podolsk 123 and others. As this machine is full of zigzag and parts are different.
After repair do not forget about the rules of use. Podolsk machine must be on level surface and in relative shadow. With an uneven surface, the machine may skip stitches and occasionally act up. If it is to stand in the sun, the oil can dry up, turning into glue. After this the repair of sewing machines is inevitable.

Repair sewing machines Podolsk

In the sewing machine Podolsk 142 repair is not necessarily the measure of correction of faults. So, sometimes you just need something to adjust, tighten or replace. Consider the main reasons for the failure of the machine and how to resolve them.
1. Common reason for failure is getting incorrectly set needle. The needle must be installed correctly. You need to insert it as illustrated. In later models a long groove for the filament should be right, and the blade of the needle to the left. In the early models it may be Vice versa, so before installing read the instructions.
2. Check all fasteners and assemblies enclose you against unplanned repair. Before starting the repair of sewing-machines Podolsk, you need to clean the Shuttle and other mechanisms, such as bobbin case, Shuttle speed, rail, and others. Easily removable parts must be removed, but before that, remember, where they belong. You can even make a diagram-a sketch, in order not to forget anything. Cleaning is best done with a stiff brush or toothbrush.
3. One of the most important components in the repair of sewing machine lubricant. After checking all the tools and fasteners you can begin to their lubrication. It will have to spend some time, because you need to lubricate all friction seat mechanism. It is recommended to do it with a syringe with a long needle.
Here are only a small part of faults and settings for repair. But these main points will help you make repair sewing machine at a not very serious problem.

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