Sewing machine Janome 423S-5522 – reviews on Janome


Janome 423S

Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sewing machine Janome 423S-5522 – reviews on Janome.

Electromechanical sewing machine Janome is ideal for performing simple work on the sewing. They have a wide range of features combined with good build. On the market of the middle class sewing machine Janome is the best choice in the ratio price-quality. Because of this, many people write about Janome 423S-5522 reviews that fully reveal the advantages and disadvantages of the product.

Janome 423S-5522

Simple and easy to use Janome sewing machines suitable for both experienced and novice users. Sewing machine works with many kinds of fabric, including heavy, as layered denim and leather.
Sewing machine Janome has on Board 23 sewing operations, which is more than some of its counterparts. The type of hook swinging.
Sewing machine has the following additional useful functions like automatic threading in needle, extra lighting of the working area and pull-out table, which is useful when lack of space to work. The length and width of stitches are adjustable and can be up to 4 to 5 mm. Also in the machine there is a removable sleeve that doesn’t take place, but allows you to store necessary accessories for sewing.

Janome – reviews

Reading the reviews, it’s easy to determine what sewing machine Janome 423S-5522, are excellent assistants to the hostess that meets all the basic requirements of sewing for a beginner and for the professional in the business.
Dignity. Positive reviews often write about what sewing machine Janome cope with all types of fabrics and can sew fairly thick and solid fabric. Many pleased that a typewriter many different feet and stitches. Fill a sewing machine handy. When working, the machine makes no noise and works quietly. Design a beautiful sewing machine with metal parts. Myself a sewing machine is durable and reliable, many wrote that the machine they used for many years.
Disadvantages. To the sewing machine for a long time remained silent, it must be periodically cleaned and lubricated. Sewing machine is quite heavy, about 9 kg, from room to room to push her hard. Also because of weight is not recommended to keep it on the shelves. Some reviewers say that the top thread breaks periodically and tangle, to avoid this, the sewing machine has to be cleaned periodically.
Comments. In General, a sewing machine Janome is great for home and professional sewing. She is pleased with its features and ease of use.

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Experience of use: less than a month
Pluses: Excellent Model! Many different seams, a hard case, detailed instructions, good quality of the seam, convenient dressing of the sewing machine, needle threader (very convenient!), Many legs!
Disadvantages: A bit noisy, but I do not know, I do not compare with anything.
I did not ask for the loops … But then I found the reason. Check the bobbin case, the threads may get stuck, after this cleaning everything works to cheer!
Comment: I’m only 12 years old, but I’m good at sewing. Experimenting every day! It is very interesting! Now everyone wants iPhones and tablets, but I really like to sew! I sewed up to 12 nights on the first day of receipt! She sewed a pile of pockets and an apron. I read the instruction, I try. Maybe many get married, and so I advise everyone! Not much expensive (7,300 thousand) We bought in St. Petersburg, ordering via the Internet did not become, a sewing machine, an individual thing, we must try NOT BUY THROUGH NO STORE because there may be a marriage …

Experience of use: less than a month
Pluses: There are all necessary paws, except for overlock, beautiful design, metal parts, perhaps everything, after a short period of use did not have time to determine.
Disadvantages: Constantly tearing the upper thread, periodically something explodes in the right side of the case, maybe it’s just in my case, I do not know.
Comment: I got a sewing machine as a gift, for 8 thousand rubles in Chita, myself on New Year’s Eve, was very pleased, after the holidays I started to sew an apron to the kitchen. The top thread is constantly tearing, regulating as it could, in every possible way, nothing has helped. Another thing to explode is the beginning of the right side of the case, after a short period of use, I took it to the service, I’m waiting for the result. Next time I will order via the Internet.

Experience of use: more than a year
Advantages: Build quality — a combination of ceramics and metal in the working part of the machine. Vertical location of the shuttle «in the old fashioned way», for those who are accustomed to the Soviet machines. Smoothly starts and stops. Do not pull the fabric and thread. Gives a smooth straight seam without wobbling. Takes different types of fabrics, including heavy ones. It is possible to make decorative stitches, as well as a special foot for looping the loops. DO NOT rattling while stitching.
Disadvantages: I somehow did not ask for loops. I’m not a pro, I sew for myself in pleasure. But I’m kind of trying to do everything neatly. And loops all the time are obtained more, if put on auto mode. I read at the forums — not only I have such a problem.
Comment: Excellent machine with good value for money. Easy to use, while there are useful features without overpaying for them. Reliably and qualitatively done, for three years of work did not break.

Experience of use: less than a month
Pluses: sews heavy fabrics, while not vibrating, stable
Comment: I read negative comments and I get the impression that people do not know how to set it up and work with it, I have a typewriter for more than 4 years, this model is ideal in all respects, I have no complaints about it and I recommend everything !!

Experience of use: more than a year
Pluses: There are all the necessary seams and not only. Very pleased with the presence of knitted sutures (there are several) and different legs. For example, the foot for a hidden seam, for sewing a zipper, buttons, to create a roller. Another pleasant trifle is the threadbearer. I think, for the age of seamstresses — a very useful invention!
Disadvantages: After using started to knock. It turned out that you just need to clean and lubricate the beauty so that the work will remain as quiet as before.
Comment: I bought this machine 6 years ago and am very happy with the purchase. I do not know, «Seagull» can sew better (as it is written in one comment), but this machine is very quiet, it does not stop working and the thread does not break at the slightest movement (like «The Seagull»!).

Experience of use: several months
Advantages: many different functions
Disadvantages: against the background of these many functions there is one huge drawback — the disgusting quality of the seam!
Commentary: This machine has a lot of bells and whistles: thread and paws in the kit, and seams are different pile. But the usual seam is disgusting, the thread of the bottom in the seam does not hold, practically a corset, the adjustment of the thread tensioner does not give anything. Compared with my old seagull — this is a complete suck: the one had a seam like in the picture — on the top of the bottom row is not visible, but from the bottom of the top. When I went to change (I thought the marriage), I was given two more such and one other brand, but of the same price category. The quality of all equally bad. The consultant said that, after they began to collect them in Thailand, they became all of this quality. My friend’s car is the same, but it was bought many years ago, so she sews perfectly, the seam is neat. And this is a complete disappointment: many whistles, only the usual seam of such «quality». I do not advise anyone to throw money away.