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Janome 419S

Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sewing machine Janome 419S / 5519 reviews about Janome.

A sewing machine in the house – an indispensable item for any cook. Because you often need something to sew or hem, and with a good sewing machine you will not spend a lot of time and effort. Due to the good ratio of price and quality, Janome sewing machines are becoming increasingly popular on the market. With the help of people who leave reviews on Janome 419S / 5519, you can see for yourself the quality and usefulness of this product.

Janome 419S / 5519

Modern, durable, electro-mechanical sewing machine Janome have many useful features. So, thread a needle is put automatically, which is very useful for people with visual impairments. All sewing operations – 19 to work with different materials glad. The type of Shuttle at the sewing machine – oscillating.
In the sewing machine Janome is a mode in which the fabric feed is disconnected automatically. The touch of a foot on the cloth is adjustable. Also there are four types of lines: countersunk, overloa, elastic and covered elastic.
Length stitch with this sewing machine can be up to 4 mm and a width of 5 mm. Machine Janome equipped with a special compartment for your accessories, pull-out table, which you can use to expand the space for sewing, and an additional source of light that can illuminate your work area.

Janome – reviews

The majority like the convenience and sewing Janome 419S / 5519 reason many recommend them for sewing.
Dignity. Sewing machine Janome sew almost all kinds of fabrics and can sew the thick places of the product due to high presser foot lift. Inside built-in mechanism that prevents the tangling of filament in the coil.
On a sewing machine is worn hard case that will protect not only from dust, but from external damage.
In the reviews often note that the machine is not noisy, easy to use and manage, the housing is metal and heavy, which prevents damage and slipping cars.
Disadvantages. Among the disadvantages, it was observed that the bobbin thread need to put an extra table. To the foot for loop to get used to, they are not very much, not enough, for example the regular and lightning.
Comments. According to many reviews, this sewing machine is the perfect solution for work in ratio of price-quality. She very well sews and has many additional features to simplify the sewing process. Shortcomings in the reviews almost was not. This is further evidence of the quality and convenience of sewing machines Janome.

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Experience of use: less than a month
Pluses: Wonderful machine. Everything sews. It takes good thick places. All the moments are thought out and comfortable. Easy threading, automatic threader generally «song». Device to prevent tangling of slippery threads (in the coil) According to the girlfriend, even more convenient than in Pfaff. Ideal stitches and in sufficient quantities, automatic loop, hard hard cover (plastic like the body of the machine) is quite heavy. She sews softly. And the assembly is not Chinese.
Disadvantages: I do not know, in my opinion there is everything necessary. I am very happy with the purchase.
Comment: When choosing, I was guided by reviews on the Internet and very grateful to everyone who wrote them. I bought via the Internet. All quickly, clearly, correctly. Delivery by Auto-trading from SPB. Also operatively. In this plan, there are no censures at all. In our city, I did not see such a typewriter in principle, but compared to Rostov, it came out with a delivery of 1.5 tr. Cheaper. Of course I’ll write a review in a year, because. I know that those who are facing the choice are interested in the work of the car not only in the first days after the purchase, but after a year or two or more. Now there is a personal experience of buying household appliances via the Internet. I advise everyone not to be afraid. This will save you a lot of time, money and nerves in fact.

Experience of use: less than a month
Pluses: Quiet, enough operations. The cover is plastic. Convenient switching operations. A gas station thread is just a dream with my eyesight!
Disadvantages: Stitch length 4 mm. It is not enough for me.
Comment: Good good car for all occasions.

Experience of use: less than a month
Detailed Evaluations
Pluses: Many
Disadvantages: Bottom threading. Uncomfortable, I have to take an extra table every time.
Comment: When I bought a car, I was upset, because I saw in the reviews that it was for heavy and super heavy fabrics, and the seller did not warn about it. But, the machine sews really everything: and fine fabrics normally sew, the main needle and a thread correctly to pick up. But as with heavy tissues works well. Today, DUBLINKO has hurt her. Vobschem happy.

Experience of use: less than a month
Pluses: 1.Ne noisy
2.Control with jeans
3.Good set of types of lines.
Minuses: not yet found.
Comment: I got it for a birthday. And yesterday you decided to check it. If you decided to buy this model and sew knitwear, be sure to get a foot for jersey and needles (they are not included in the kit)

Experience of use: several months
Pluses: Qualitative machine for this money!
Minuses: Not yet found
Comment: Excellent, reliable model. Although in the online stores categorically dissuade her?!? Recalling that it only goes for heavy fabrics. It’s not that perfect sewing all kinds of fabrics, silk. Organza, cambric, jersey. Lines do not loop. The main thing is to choose the right needle and thread. I am writing specifically for those who are in doubt. She was in this situation, now I do not regret. I have an overlock and a typewriter of this company, I have been using it for more than 5 years, I am pleased and advised.

Experience of use: several months
Pluses: Plenty of merit, it sews all that «ask», chiffon, coat confidently, knitwear is not very confident, but if you buy a special knickers for knitting in two counts …. automatic loops, top threading super, very comfortable winding the bottom Coils !!!!! Easy filling of the upper thread … someone wrote that it is inconvenient to fill the lower thread, but in fact it is easier for me to think up (there is an experience with industrial machines, there in general everything is very uncomfortable)))) By the way — quick change of the presser foot, And that’s all! A very big plus for me is that it combines all the functions necessary for me, such as the vertical shuttle, the pressure mode of the presser foot on the fabric, the overlock and elastic stitches … and much much more. The kit includes (in all models of this series exactly, in other cases I do not know): a simple foot, a snail foot, a zipper foot, a buttonhole foot and a loop meter, oil, a screwdriver, a set of needles-one for knitwear, two for 80 and Two for 90. The storage compartment for accessories is opened from the top !! Another important factor, this is the fact that the case is partially metal !!!!!
Disadvantages: no, I do not even think I’ll find them))))) pah pah pah, I bought a little expensive, but this is justified by such a wonderful set of functions ..
Comment: I bought this model very recently, I am very pleased, but I sewed on it before, only with a relative … I am 100% satisfied, I was certainly recommended to take a loop semi-automatic (since not all machines with a loop automaton cope With a loop as expected, I did not hesitate in this model to risk …. sew loops perfectly!

Experience of use: more than a year
Pluses: Excellent machine, I work at a small enterprise, and this has been for 4 years, without a hint!
Comment: She does the loops, you can not tell from the professional machines! Personally, I made them on her not one thousand. Not noisy, smoothly goes and takes all the fabrics!