Sewing machine Husqvarna Emerald 122 – reviews about Husqvarna



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sewing machine Husqvarna Emerald 122 – reviews about Husqvarna.

In order that the sewing machine has taken a worthy place in the house, she needs to be not only practical and comfortable, but also be better than other models. Now on the market are Husqvarna – sewing-machines that stand out from the rest. First, the Assembly Husqvarna are very high quality and durable, it is designed for maximum longevity, all items are durable, so they are suitable for intensive use. Second, each model Husqvarna has an original design. After purchase satisfied customers often send about Husqvarna reviews, which explain why they made their choice in favor of Huskvarna.

Husqvarna Emerald 122

For home use Husqvarna sewing machines, which will be quite nice. Sewing machine Husqvarna has on Board 22 sewing operations. The Shuttle is installed on the horizontal. Casing is a reverse button. Puncture is regulated by an electronic regulator. The foot is also adjustable. Set lighting of the working area. The size of the buttons is also measured.
Sewing machine Husqvarna equipped with an additional storage compartment, speed limiter, hitchhiking when winding the bobbin, the line on the case and standard needles 130/705H.

Husqvarna – reviews

For reviews of sewing machine Husqvarna Emerald 122 has a whole range of necessary functions at a reasonable price.
Dignity. Stroke machines Husqvarna quiet and soft. Not require frequent lubrication of the parts. Sewing machine Husqvarna sew from the thinnest tissue to the thickest and complex products. It is strong and heavy, so it does not slip and does not vibrate. For sewing machines will fit all threads, and thick and thin. To the machine Husqvarna is also attached a lot of extra legs.
Disadvantages. Among the flaws in the reviews found that when you move the head of thread on the bobbin to the right disables the automatic switch upper and lower location of the needle. You have to adapt. Also in comparison with other models the pedal is not sensitive enough.
Comments. The many positive reviews convinced of the correctness of the selection of sewing machines Husqvarna. Novice seamstresses she will enjoy a large selection of optional accessories such as speed limiter, hitchhiking when winding the bobbin and many other features that will significantly simplify the sewing process. More experienced users will appreciate the quality of the lines.

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