Sewing machine for quilting


Sewing machine for quilting

Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sewing machine for quilting.

The quilting is a wonderful form to express their creativity through sewing. What is needed for a perfect seam, which may urge you to create the next masterpiece? It’s definitely your imagination and a quality sewing machine for quilting. However, how to choose a sewing machine? How to determine whether you need a sewing machine with a long or medium sleeve for quilting? In this issue of critical importance is the choice of a machine that most suits your requirements and fits your tastes.

The best sewing machine for quilting

In order for your sewing machine could make you happy for many years, it is necessary not only to determine such characteristics as the type of machine, the desired size, the existence of certain features. You need to serious approach to the selection of the brand. What brand is preferred? Well that the market of sewing machines is quite varied at the present time. However, a rich selection of sewing machines complicates the task of selecting the best. Today we will focus on such popular among fans of brands like quilting Bernina, Janome and Juki.

So let us start our review with the brand Janome. Birthplace of this brand is Japan. The manufacturer, taking into account the growing interest in the issue of quilting adds various functions creating new sewing machines. Janome offers a broad diapason of products. For example, in the set of machine Janome Quilter Companion series machines include special and additional feet that are not equipped with the machine for quilting, supplied by other manufacturers. Machine Janome for quilting Horizont 7700 is a decent sewing machine with a good functionality and a large number of automated operations. It differs by the largest working plane among competing producers, a built-in upper feed dog and high-power engine. The work on it will be a pleasant and high-quality.

Of great interest are machines from the European manufacturer Bernina. They are known throughout the world due to its reliability, quality factor, originality of performance, a variety of ornamental stitches and finishing stitching as well as the existence of a variety of accessories for quilting. Sewing machine for quilting Bernina 820 Quilters Edition is a whole quilting system that will be a worthy of preference. It is able to perform high-productive operations which will allow to brining the most daring fantasies. Bernina presented on the market by such lines as Activa, Artista, Aurora, Bernette. Pay attention to them. You will not be difficult to select the optimal model.

Sewing machines of the world manufacturer JUKI reliable for intensive work provide the perfect quality of the stitches, work silently, save energy. One of the best sewing machines in the world market is Juki HZL F600. Computer sewing machine for quilting Juki HZL F600 has an incredible opportunity and great potential for needlework, quilting and different workings with fabric, including working with the product of a big size by the , which increases the work surface. The machine is endowed with various functions that allow you to work with a wide range of fabrics from fine silk to rough . Juki HZL F600 in automatic mode performs the 16 types of hinges and it has 4 sewing alphabets. This model will be an excellent assistant for both amateurs and real masters!


Machine for quilting and design

If you decide to do patchwork and don’t know what functions are essential for your machine so that you can study this kind of needlework, then this article is for you. It is desirable that the machine for quilting had the following:

  • knee lever to control foot;
  • special foot and the markings on the under-needle plateforexactallowance;
  • the sewing speed should be adjustable;
  • the function «free arm» with the possibility of increasing the working surface;
  • the switches of the sizes and types ofstitch, simple-to-use bobbin winding and tensionregulators;
  • the ability to disable the standard mode of the cloth feeding and the use of special presser feet for patchwork – walking foot and presser foot for darning.

Of course the presented list of possibilities not exhaustive. Computerized sewing machine for quilting today is a device with a huge opportunity for creativity. The world’s leading manufacturers constantly improve the proposed model machines, giving them new and useful properties for the most comfortable work. To buy a machine that meets your needs and to avoid confusion on the market of the copies, be sure to make a list, which will include the necessary functions and follow by the list when choosing a model.


Sewing machine for quilting «free arm»

«Free arm» is a function of the sewing machine that makes easy work with narrow tubular products by removing the case for storing accessories. Practically all modern machines have this feature. After separation of compartment for accessories you get a narrow platform that is extremely comfortable for processing pants, sleeveless and circular seams.


Machine quilting for the home

World suppliers of sewing machines allocate the different lines of equipment, specializing in quilting. As a rule, machines for quilting, as compared with conventional sewing machines have distinctive features for working with multilayer fabrics of large dimensions. Here are some advices on machine quilting for beginners:

  • An important difference of special machines for patchwork is elongated working platform, as it is uncomfortably to sew bulky products on a normal machine. They need to be folded or collapsed in multiple layers. Consequently, the longer will be part from the needle to the rack, so more convenient it will be to sew large items.
  • The presence of the table, which increases the work surface, is an additional pleasant subject, improving the conditions for creativity.
  • The existence of the built-in upper feed dog contributes to uniform feeding of the upper layer of tissue. There are two types of upper feed dogs – built-in or removable. Built-in upper feed dogunlike removable allows working with any lug, not only with universal. The upper feed dog is needed to prevent wrinkles on the product due to uneven advancing fabric due to different rates of its entrance.
  • Adjust the speed of sewing is quite an important function of a sewing machine that will give you the opportunity to determine a convenient sewing speed. If you selectthe speedmode, it will be This is handy when sewing quilts, the creating of decorative elements.
  • Well, when your machine is a function with which you can to lower and raise the You can leavethe needlein the fabric and for change thedirection ofthe stitchesyou do not needto pullthe flywheel.
  • Regulator stitch length(in other wordsBSR orBernina Stitch-Regulator) –an innovationfrom the companyBernina, that allows you to doall the stitchesof the same length. This is truly important function, as it was believed that length of stitch during the free stitch can be adjusted only by two methods – through the feed speed and sewing speed. Using the BSR foot, you cannot follow the stitch length and to concentrate on the figure.
  • If you wish to be able to make patchwork in the technique of free movement, the machine shall be equipped with switch-off function of the lower conveyor. Forthis techniquerequires a specialfoot, which is oftenincluded in thepackage contentsmachinesforpatchwork.

As we can see, there are many varied devices for the convenience of quilters. If you are interested in onefold sewing machine for quilting, you can choose a conventional machine, which is light, easily transported and performs a straight stitch and zigzag. If you plan to work with free technique of quilting or embroidery, then you should choose machine, in which you can turn off the lower conveyor. Good luck choice and fruitful work!

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