Sewing machine Brother XL-5060 – reviews



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sewing machine Brother XL-5060 – reviews.

What is so special about these machines? Sewing Machines Brother has always been popular due to its low cost. And it’s not low quality. On the contrary, the company cares about the quality of their models, so the buyer can be confident in the reliability of the purchase. That’s why the Brother gets the best reviews. A low price due to a small set of functions. Yes, you will not find here a professional device, capable of anything. The company sells plain and simple device for home use. And it is not a bad company, because today there are a huge number of those who do not need these expensive models with unknown functions. They need a simple machine which will last a long time and will not be capricious in care. Such sewing machines and offers us this company.

Brother XL-5060

In addition to low cost (and it can boast of all sewing machines Brother) this unit has a plastic housing. It provides both low noise and light weight device. Here everything was done that even a beginner feel confident working with her. Automatic filament winding, control balancing loop — this and more you will find in this sewing machine.
General characteristics:
• Type: Electromechanical;
• Oscillating Shuttle;
• Adjustment of the pressure foot;
• Disable feeder tissue;
• A reverse button;
• Available measurement of the size of the buttons;
• Lighting: there;
• 17 sewing operations;
• Perform loop: automatic;
• Lines: hidden, elastic, overlooka;
• The maximum stitch width is 5mm;
• Legs: overlooka for hemming foot for sewing the zipper;
• Embroidery unit no.;
• No display;
• The bag has a platform and a compartment for accessories;
• Soft case;
• Dimensions (WxDxH): 41x18x30 cm;
• Weight is 8.2 kg;
• Features: double-needle stitching.

Brother — customer reviews

At the sewing machine Brother XL-5060 fairly decent reviews.
Dignity. Of course, the price of this model, because the firm can do high quality stuff, not overstating the cost. The machine showed excellent speed sewing and surprised with its simplicity. Also buyers are positive about the stylish appearance. There is still overlooka lamp, which is a big plus sewing device.
Disadvantages. One person drew attention to the noise, although another noted that the machine is very quiet. In General, there is no shortage!
Comments. Again, opinions were divided. Some say that the sewing machine sews quietly and gently. Others argue that it is similar to a jackhammer. However, all agree that its price is quite affordable for consumers.

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