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Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sewing machine Brother RS-240 – reviews.

Versatile and practical can be called sewing machine Brother. Among a wide array of representatives of this brand is as very simple equipment, and multifunction sewing machinery for professional use, decoration, realization of creative potential. The right choice is easy. Enough to see the features and read what they say about a particular model of Brother reviews submitted by users.

Brother RS-240

Sewing machine Brother popular among different group of consumers. Specifically, this electronic sewing machine with horizontal rotary type Shuttle on its functionality is able to meet the needs of demanding professionals. But for ease and convenience suitable for beginners.
Sewing machine 40 performs various operations, automatic execution 5 types of loops. The maximum length of stitches up to 5 mm and a width up to 7 mm speed adjustment stepless.
The set includes legs, almost everything you need for work. The sewing process much easier thanks to sophisticated design. It has pressure adjustment, disabling feeder fabric, reverse button, the system measuring the size of the buttons, lights, display, free arm, needle threader, compartment for accessories. Storage sewing machine is provided with a soft case that protects from dust. Weight machines just over 6 kg.

Brother – reviews

Sewing machine Brother RS-240 is popular among buyers that more often in the reviews noticed the positive side, rather than point out flaws.
Dignity. Nice and compact, quite stable. Neat case. The sewing speed is adjustable, which is very important for beginners.
There is a knee lever presser foot lift and foot pedal, allowing both hands can be free, and when working with large products which is comfortable. Part of the lower platform is removed, so that the bottom of the legs just to stitch.
Well abbeyvet loop, using a special foot to sew a handy zippered. Does not tear the filament, does not chew and does not contract even on light fabrics. No problems with threading and zazhevyvaya at the beginning of sewing.
All the declared modes of the sewing is impeccable. Forty operations with the head missing. Your one-stop needle threader and fast bobbin winding, which allows to quickly prepare the sewing machine to work.
Disadvantages. Slightly vibrates on the highest speed. The display is a bit small.
One buyer left feedback very positive: the program is constantly stuttering, even on the middle of the fabric there are gaps, the quality of the line is disgusting. But among the other users of such grievances is not found.
Comments. The optimal set of features for an adequate price. Sewing machine is perfect for those who are not only going to repair clothes, but also cares about comfort.

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