Sewing machine Brother ML-750 – reviews



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sewing machine Brother ML-750 – reviews.

The main feature, which have a sewing machine Brother, is the absence of a common pedal. It is generally not envisaged in the design. Psychologically for us, this fact so unusual that immediately raises distrust this technique. But the company has long produces such models of household sewing machines. And as it turns out, is very easy to do and adjust to work without a pedal. It is the function of the lever, he runs backwards, so-called «tack». Firm Brother gets good reviews. This contributed to the rapid adaptation to the technology and durability of these machines.

Brother ML-750

This machine has the ability to work with fabrics of any thickness, than can not boast of machines of other suppliers. Do not forget about the excellent build quality, which distinguishes all sewing machines Brother.
General characteristics:
• Type: electronic;
• Horizontal rotary hook;
• Adjust the pressure on the tissue;
• Stage speed setting;
• Disable mechanism for feeding the fabric;
• There is a reverse button and lighting;
• Number of sewing operations: 70;
• Perform loop: automatic, available 7 types of loops;
• Lines: overlooka, covered elastic, hidden elastic;
Package contents:
• Legs (overlooka)
• No embroidery unit;
• Display available;
• Needle threader — no;
• Compartment for accessories;
• Hard case;
• Switch needle positions (top/bottom).

Brother — reviews

Sewing machine Brother ML 750 earned positive consumer reviews.
Dignity. More than fifty different stitches, 7 different treatment options loop. It’s nice that the hinges are automatically, even very carefully, stitch by stitch. Quite simply, you can configure parameters of the lines.
Automatic threading reduces the wait time to a couple seconds – quickly and easily. Convenient switch. 7 types of different automatic serging loops, one click and the thread in the needle. Additional adjustment of the needle position.
Disadvantages. Foot sewing machine is easy to wear. Not very infinitely variable speeds, easy to choose your desired speed.
Comments. «Long chose, compared to the «Wings», but despite bad reviews, made a choice in favor of this. And no mistake!»
«Bought a few feet, now all work on the shoulder, very pleased with this machine».
«Consulted with a friend who has a small Atelier he told me this sewing machine is very advised in the store too, along with him went. Before that I had an old mechanical, so it took a long time, that I new understood. But the younger brother, who does stitching could not, it even faster mastered. I probably need to get used to, but he won’t.»

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