Sewing machine Brother INNOV-is 950-950D – reviews



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sewing machine Brother INNOV-is 950-950D – reviews.

Foundation of the company Brother International occurred in 1908. It all began with the opening of a small workshop on repair of the sewing equipment. Now is the famous manufacturer in the world. Sewing machine Brother machine are not only reliability and durability, but also the amazing ease of operation. Brother gets very good reviews. Such devices do not require significant maintenance. A wide variety of models in combination with high performance contributes to the fact that such sewing machines are the most popular and purchased. Sewing machines of this company represented a wide range of devices in its market segment.

Brother INNOV-is 950-950D

It is ideal for those who want to get a compact sewing and embroidery machine. Sewing machine Brother suitable for users with any level of training. In any case, you can achieve professional results. For a box with the accessories relegated to the part of the workspace. The existing cover will help preserve the device in a safe and sound and also protect from dust.
General characteristics:
• Type – computing machine;
• The ability to adjust the pressure foot on the fabric;
• Electronic stabilizer efforts puncture–;
• The process of speed control of sewing — smooth;
• Disabling feeder fabric is present;
• Reverse button – there is;
• Lighting;
• Sewing operations — 67;
• Perform loop: automatic. 10 types of loops;
• Hidden, elastic, overloa, elastic blind stitch;
• Equipment design embroidery block;
• There is a display;
• Presence of the sleeve of the platform;
• Table to increase work surface;
• Equipped with the needle threader;
• In the presence of a compartment for accessories.

Brother — reviews

Sewing machine Brother INNOV-is 950-950D has earned the good consumer reviews.
Dignity. As the main advantage of the machine it is worth noting the possibility of opening a small business. Built drawings plus a disc with the drawings, which comes to give a good range for the customers. Fonts for embroidery monograms, emblems, logo is also a significant advantage. Great lighting is important when the work will last several hours.
Disadvantages. The cost is a little embarrassing, but even at home, this machine will be paid off. Obtained the the comfort of use justifies the cost.
Comments. This model was purchased by one of the authors of the review to perform work on the order. His experience with embroidery machines allows you to put quite a high evaluation of this equipment.

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