Sewing machine Brother INNOV-is 600 – reviews



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sewing machine Brother INNOV-is 600 – reviews.

Looking at a wide range of Brother products, I can safely say that the firm knowingly chose the motto «We’re on your side!» In the catalog of this manufacturer you can find a variety of Brother sewing machines, ranging from simple devices for beginners, simple and affordable to operate, and ending multifunction machines that are created for professionals sewing. That is why Brother gets great reviews. And not only for a wide selection of products. The price is also will not leave indifferent any buyer, because the firm finds a great compromise between quality and cost.


Every year sewing machine Brother attract more and more consumers for its unusual designs, various sets of functions and, of course, the low prices combined with excellent quality.
This sewing model is really large possibilities. Here is almost everything from an advanced system of filling thread in the needle to 429 built-in stitches. Sewing machine works with almost any material and allows to work even with large sizes. This is a great gift for a real professional who knows a lot about sewing.
General characteristics:
• Machine type – electronic;
• Horizontal rotary hook;
• There is a pressure adjustment on the fabric;
• Disabling feeder fabric;
• Perhaps sewing in multiple directions;
• Reverse button;
• Built-in knee lever presser foot lift;
• Integrated measurement system of the size of the buttons;
• There is also lighting;
• 429 sewing operations;
• 10 types of loops;
• Types of lines: countersunk, overloa, elastic, elastic secret;
• Maximum stitch length is 5 mm;
• Maximal stitch width is 7 mm;
• Presser foot: quilt stitches overlooka, for sewing the zipper, hemming foot;
• Embroidery unit no.;
• There are display and free arm;
• The needle threader;
• Automatic thread trimmer;
• Compartment for accessories – is;
• Hard case;
• Switch the needle position (top/bottom);
• Needle positioning, work without pedals, memory 7 of the lower conveyor combs, 3 alphabets (including Russian).

Brother – customer reviews

Sewing machine Brother INNOV-is 600 received a variety of reviews.
Dignity. People liked the equipment of the machine, especially the presser feet set. One person was pleased with a lot of accessories for quilting. Of course, many liked the large selection of lines. The device works well with different types of fabrics.
Disadvantages. One person was not able to establish a line of embroidery thread. It was also noted that the table is a bit loose. In General, in address this sewing machine was made a few unpleasant reviews.
Comments. Customers are satisfied with the model, because a relatively small price, they got a great feature set and great packaging.

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