Sewing machine Brother Comfort 15 – reviews



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sewing machine Brother Comfort 15 – reviews.

In the global market of sewing equipment sewing machines Brother has long gained considerable popularity. The fact that the brand’s products are really of excellent quality, we can safely say, based on the fact that the Brother equipment reviews are almost always positive.

Brother Comfort 15

Among the wide range, which presents Brother sewing machines, this model is an Electromechanical with rotary horizontal type hook. In a sewing machine provided for disabling the feed of the fabric, there is a reverse button, the system measuring the size of the buttons, lights, needle threader. The package includes the free-arm compartment for accessories, several types of feet (for sewing the zipper, hemming foot) and the dust cover.
Sewing machine 11 is able to perform sewing operations, the loops are semi-automatic.

Brother — reviews

As for the model of sewing machine Brother Comfort 15, the reviews are mostly good. According to users, the machine is consistent with its value and excellent for home sewing.
Dignity. Compact sewing machine. Simple and convenient, easy to set up and handle. Quiet in operation, does not knock.
All controls are close at hand. Easy to fill with thread, and thread a needle. The pedal is soft, the degree of pressing is adjustable speed.
Very convenient that through the transparent cover you can control how much is left of the thread on the bobbin. The legs may be changed without any difficulty.
Variations of stitches can compared to other sewing machines a little, but enough and to spare for home use.
In the configuration supplied not only instructions, but also a disk in which all that relates to the setting up and subsequent use, and all details clearly shown.
Disadvantages. Not always sewing thick fabrics, bends, or seams, through which it is necessary to stitch. This requires to correctly pick up needles, thread and feet.
Case for machines made of vinyl. There are complaints on the plastic manufacture many of the parts that creates the feeling of «disposable» cars. But maybe it’s just the overall impression, as the information about the imminent breakdowns do not occur.
Comments. If you need supermacist that all made and served all his life, you need to take the machine at least once in 5 more. If this machine is to pick the right accessories, you’ll be fine sewing.

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