Sewing machine Bernina Bernette E66 – reviews



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sewing machine Bernina Bernette E66 – reviews.

Many women want to have in the house is not only a good washing machine or microwave, but this is indispensable tool like a sewing machine. Modern manufacturers offer a wide variety of sewing machines, differing in the number of operations performed, quality of work, reliability and of course cost. Among the well-known and popular manufacturers, we can highlight the company Bernina, offering the consumer sewing machine Bernina. If you read about Bernina sewing machine reviews, it is easy to understand that it is a good helper even the beginner seamstress in the home. We propose to consider the technical characteristics of this instrument and the feedback.

Bernina Bernette E66

Among the data submitted by the brand models can highlight model Bernette E66. What do they say about Bernina sewing machine reviews?
Electromechanical machine with rotary hook horizontal type capable of producing 26 sewing light and heavy fabrics, including leather, jeans, drape, velour and many other materials.
Sewing machine has a pressure adjustment on the fabric, which in combination with the adjustable sewing speed will provide a smooth line and good quality of paintings. Create a duplicate string you can use the buttons on the reverse. The sewing unit has great lighting for a production site. With a maximum stitch length of 4.5 mm and a width of 7 mm sewing machine capable of doing secret, overlong, hidden elastic and elastic stitching. The kit includes a foot for sewing on buttons and sewing zippers.

Sewing machine Bernina

Consider the main advantages and disadvantages, which are reflected in the customer testimonials, in practice, experienced the action of the Bernina Bernette E66.
Dignity. Regardless of the thickness of the sewing unit Bernette shows high speed. The fabric is not going and the lines come out smooth. Sewing machine easy to use and easy to understand tutorial will allow even a beginner seamstress to parse the rules sewing. Celebrated a quiet and smooth ride, the responsiveness of the pedal to press, comfortable operation buttons reverse, loop-machine, threading, changing feet and needles.
Disadvantages. Significant disadvantages of the sewing machine Bernette is not revealed. There is some complexity of thin threads, but it’s probably the lack of experience, not a disadvantage.
Review. This model has a great look, good performance, reliability and ease of use. Considering the affordable cost and wide capabilities of the unit, he deserves to take its place among the other appliances in your home.

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