Sewing machine Bernina Bernette 20 reviews



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sewing machine Bernina Bernette 20 reviews.

Worldwide sewing machine Bernina enjoyed considerable demand. And this is not surprising because each unit undergoes a thorough quality control and meets international standards. Excellent quality sewing machines from this company is confirmed by the fact that the equipment Bernina reviews mostly positive.

Bernina Bernette 20

This model electronic sewing machine Bernette 20 – representative number that represents a Bernina sewing machine. It allows you to perform up to 60 different sewing operations and 10 types of loops. Among the other overlooka, slip, elastic, elastic blind stitch. The sewing speed of the machine is infinitely adjustable.
Work on this machine is facilitated through adjustment of the pressure foot, disabling feeder fabric, buttons, revers, lights, button start-stop. And an automatic needle stop in the upper position, and switch its position from upper to lower.
In the original equipment also includes a set of legs, free arm, needle threader, compartment for accessories and a soft storage pouch.

What they say about Bernina reviews?

Specifically, the Bernina Bernette 20 has both positive and negative customer reviews. A detailed study will allow to draw a conclusion about their validity.
Dignity. Elegant appearance, convenient push-button control. The start button allows you to scribble without pedals, which is very convenient when the workload is small. Detailed instructions will help you to adjust.
There were repeated positive evaluation of the capacity of the sewing machine Bernette 20 to sew thick fabrics. Managed, even with jeans, layered, leather, jacket with padding polyester. It is convenient for such work and that the foot is raised high. Through electronically controlled force puncture, sewing machine determines how much lower the needle to different materials. It works silently, is not heated.
Disadvantages. Often there are complaints that sboit thin fabric and pulls the bottom line. Double stitching on the front side looks perfect, but from the inside – just a long thread and no zigzag. One shopper complains that I have tried different thread, needle, settings – the same result. Sewing machine Bernina Bernette 20 was very unhappy.
Comments. For reviews sewing machine requires a careful selection of threads and needles in accordance with the instructions.

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