Sewing machine Bernina Bernette 15 – reviews


Bernina Bernette 15

Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sewing machine Bernina Bernette 15 – reviews.

Bernina sewing machines are made by official representative of the Swiss company, whose products are known for their large assortment of sewing and embroidery equipment and high quality. Recommended Bernina Bernette 15 reviews confirm the above.

Bernina Bernette 15

Like all Electromechanical sewing machine Bernina, this model is equipped with an oscillating Shuttle. It has pressure adjustment the presser foot onto the fabric, reverse button, lights, free arm, needle threader, compartment for accessories. But the display and the embroidery unit is missing.
Infinitely variable speed sewing. However, the sewing machine Bernette 15 brand can boast a large number of sewing operations – 28. But these usually abound.

Bernina machine – reviews

In General, to the sewing machine Bernina Bernette 15 serious complaints in the reviews do not show. Users are mostly satisfied with its work, and among the disadvantages more often just minor flaws in the Assembly.
Dignity. It works quietly. Intuitive and easy to use. Some users don’t even had the need to look at the manual.
Among the 28 possible on this sewing machine stitches most of the really necessary and beautiful. They allow not only to sew, but even to decorate clothing, decorated with various patterns. If prilovchitsya, this sewing machine can even embroider, after purchasing additional hoops.
Almost all unanimously declare that the place turns out very good. She sews well with any fabric, even denim, layered, thick drape, the skin. Because of the weight firmly on the surface and goes down. Almost all buyers note among the advantages of reasonable price.
Disadvantages. Serious claims to the sewing machine Bernette 15 is practically not found in the reviews. Don’t really like overlooka stitching (not this quality, how does a serger). Sometimes complain that not enough of a bolt, or it is not fully screwed.
Not a very convenient container for accessories. Had to additionally buy some paws. There is no mute button light bulbs. Soft case.
Listing all these disadvantages, the users themselves admit that this is more nitpicking than actual faults. One client on the third day he jammed the pedal. But this problem was solved in 5 minutes by stretching of the spring.
Comments. Almost all buyers were very satisfied. Machine just class! If you need a reliable and easy to use machine, this is what you need!

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Experience of use: less than a month
Pluses: 1. Understandable. After a little briefing in the store did not even open the instruction. All is more than available.
2. Quiet.
3. It sews thick fabrics easily and at ease.
4. Optimal number of lines. I believe that having 58 lines is not happiness, since most of it will never be used. A straight line and a zigzag are boring. There are 28 species, 15 of which I consider to be really necessary and beautiful
5. Pleased with the price.
6. The automatic threading of the thread into the needle and the buttonhole are also undoubted pluses (on the previous machine there was neither that nor another)
7. Heavy. I’ll take it to the plus, since the previous machine weighed in kilogram 3 and it was often «pulled off» at high speed, and this one is firmly on the surface.
8. Cute design
Disadvantages: in principle, no, but if you really find fault, then the declared overlay line I do not like, do not compare with the line that makes the overlock. But again, personally, I believe that a person who is seriously involved in sewing, sewing clothes should have an overlock and a sewing machine. So for me this is not a disadvantage, because I have an overlock :-)
Comment: I was seriously involved in sewing somewhere 1,5 years ago. At home there was an old seagull. I bought an electric drive on it, and I suffered a few months! Then I bought an overlock and the simplest sewing machine Dzhanome. And at the initial level this was enough. Now there was a need for a sewing machine better. Powerful to sew jeans and coat fabric, so that there are decorative stitches. The budget has set itself 10,000 rubles. I thought of buying a braver (the overlock of this company, very pleased) But the store counselor dissuaded, recommended Bernina. I chose for myself the optimal combination of price, functions and sewing operation. The store bought it for 7105. Very satisfied !!!!!

Experience of use: less than a month
Pluses: Perhaps only the price
Disadvantages: After two weeks of use, problems have begun — operations have not always switched. Took it to the service, they said that some screw was not completely clamped to the end and that I’m not the first with such a problem. Bought his wife as a gift, and his wife is not comfortable and such a feeling that money was blown out of the blue.
Comment: On the Internet it is painted as a sweetie, but in reality it’s still garbage. That’s what assembly means China!

Experience of use: several months
Pluses: Very satisfied with this machine. I chose for a long time, almost half a year. And finally chose. The machine is just class. The instruction is understandable. She sews softly, takes the fabric in several layers. This «pie» passes without problems. Store service is beyond praise. I wanted at first another brand of machine, talked it out. I became thoughtful … for a month … Then I called again, already about Berninna. The girl manager said that a good choice, no doubt. Delivered on time. So I’m happy.
Minuses: Not yet discovered.
Commentary: I’m happy. The time of further work of my machine will show how good it is. And I will hope that we will become friends with her.

Experience of use: less than a month
Pluses: Solid advantages: 1.nevysokaya price, 2.quality line, 3. reliable and (which really hide))) the usual vertical shuttle, 4.tihaya in work, the standard set there is a foot for the weld
Disadvantages: Inessential: 1. Inconvenient container for accessories; 2. In the standard set, there is no paw for the secret seam (buy it right away!) 3. Well, I personally did not have one cog in my machine (but I found it after pre-o-olgic searches «Why should I carp at»)))
Comment: if you need a reliable and easy-to-use machine, then this one is what you need !!! And unlike many other machines, this warranty is not one, but two years (and this already speaks for itself !!!)

Experience of use: several months
Pluses: For several months I sew on this machine and I think that my choice was the most correct. Straight stitches. It sews very well any fabrics, layered jeans, thick drapes, skin. Quiet in work. And it can even be embroidered, if you buy a hoop. And there are so many different lines that I often decorate clothes, put a 2-needle, set up the desired pattern and very interesting additional patterns go out.
Disadvantages: There is no button to turn off the light bulb. Turned on and off with the machine on / off.
The pedal jammed for 3 days. But at whom the men in the technician are sorted out, for 5 minutes the pedal will be made (there, inside, just the springs need to be straightened).
Comment: Excellent sewing machine! Stylish and comfortable design. Nothing extra! Sew on it is a pleasure.

Experience of use: less than a month
Pluses: purchased a car 23.06.2011 Bernina Bernette 15:
Simple, but it will be necessary to get used, what wheel that means;
Operations 28
Sews well any fabrics
Disadvantages: can not be called a disadvantage, but I can not yet orientate myself with the tension of the threads.
Comment: I’ll write more information later.