Sewing machine Bernina Bernette Е92с – reviews



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sewing machine Bernina Bernette Е92с – reviews.

Worldwide very commonly known sewing machines Bernina. As with all sewing machines produced by this firm, they are renowned for their reliability and quality. And the owners of the sewing machines Bernina feedback generally positive.

Bernina Bernette E92c

This model, like other electronic sewing machines Bernina, has a horizontal rotary type Shuttle. Also it has a pressure adjustment presser foot, stabilizer efforts puncture, reverse button, the system measuring the size of the buttons, lights, display, free arm, needle threader, a compartment for storage of accessories.
In addition, in this machine include an automatic needle stop in the upper position and switch its position up and down. In short, this sewing machine is equipped with all necessary for comfortable work devices.
This sewing machine infinitely variable speed sewing. It is possible to make 150 sewing operations and 10 varieties of loops. The set includes legs, necessary for sewing, among which are special for sewing the zipper.

Bernina machine – reviews

Dignity. About models sewing machine Bernina Bernette E92c respond quite well, buyers are almost always and almost all be satisfied.
Often indicate a good performance of the products, a sense of security. Very well thought out design, the machine is convenient, easy to use and functional. It included a detailed and understandable manual.
It works quietly. If you pick up the same thread, or when using different monitor tension from above, the lines turn out perfect.
Sewing machine Bernette is not capricious, sews heavy fabrics. Many people like a variety of loops, the curly lines, set of decorative stitches. For home use, as claimed by buyers, this lack of head. In addition, many pleased with the great set of legs and what they are changing without problems.
Disadvantages. Many reviews say how those flaws for a year or two of use and not identified. In one case, after two years of excellent work, a rusty lamp over the needle, and then completely went out.
Among the disadvantages listed the lack of upper conveyor, soft case. But can this be considered disadvantages, you decide.
One client was faced with the challenge of the plastic bobbin when winding compresses, and it does not come with latch. The yield found to use metal bobbins.
Comments. Overall the buyers machine happy and grateful to those who recommended her. One man compared it with a Janome 4030 and argues that it is not inferior. The best option in terms of price and quality.
But one shopper expressed his disappointment. According to her, this is a great computerized game for those who sometimes likes to dabble in sewing. If you want to buy really high quality seamstress for many years, it recommends to pay attention to the sewing machine Bernina Bernette is not below 330 model.

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