Sewing machine Bernina Bernette Е82с – reviews



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sewing machine Bernina Bernette Е82с – reviews.

Why everybody likes to look at sewing machines Bernina? Yes, just in the catalog of this company, everyone can find a suitable option. Professional device with a large set of functions that can handle even the most complex and unusual, or simple and easy sewing machine with a few opportunities that are perfect for home repairs? Well, with us you are sure to find a suitable option! Bernina gets the highest reviews on their models. This is not surprising because firm showcases true Swiss quality sewing machines. In this case the buyer need not pay, because the manufacturer ensures high precision and reliability, while not increasing the price.

Bernina Bernette Е82С

Like many sewing machines Bernina, the sewing machine has small size. The manufacturer promises that regardless of the speed of sewing electronic regulation motor to provide a strong and constant force of needle insertion as well as stable sewing speed on all types of fabrics.
General characteristics:
• Type: Electromechanical;
• Rotary horizontal Shuttle;
• Adjustment of pressure on tissue;
• There is an electronic stabilizer efforts puncture;
• Provided infinitely variable speed;
• Reverse button;
• System for measuring the size of the buttons: there are also;
• Lighting: there;
• 28 sewing operations;
• Perform loop: automatic;
• Types of lines: hidden, elastic, elastic secret, overlooka;
• The greatest stitch length is 4.5 mm, maximum width is 7 mm;
• Legs: overlooka to sewing zippers, sewing buttons;
• Embroidery unit no.;
• Display also not;
• Have a free arm;
• Needle threader: available;
• Compartment accessories: Yes;
• There is an automatic stop in the upper position;
• Switch the needle position (top/bottom): there is also;
• Features: display stitch through the viewing window, electronic engine controller, built-in regulator thread tension, quick change sole of the foot, double-needle stitching, solid base plate, automatic shut-off mechanism winding the bobbin.

Bernina — reviews

Sewing machine Bernina Bernette Е82С, according to buyers, devoid of flaws!
Dignity. People are pleased with the extensive functionality of this sewing machine. Many also liked the attractive appearance of the model. And, of course, all spoke positively about the quality of the build and work, for a sewing machine is really great.
Disadvantages. Oddly enough, but none of the users found the disadvantages.
Comments. «A large number of lines, they all fall easily to almost any fabric of any thickness».
«Machine Bernette Е82С satisfied at 150 %!».
«The car I really like! I have long dreamed of such!»

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