Sewing machine, AstraLux 9700-9710 – reviews


AstraLux 9700

Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sewing machine, AstraLux 9700-9710 – reviews.

Sewing machine, AstraLux is very popular among professionals and beginners. This is possible because the company manufactures sewing machines of different complexity, performance, and configuration. The main thing – to choose the right model. Product, AstraLux 9700 feedback is mainly positive, which indicates a good quality sewing machines.

AstraLux 9700-9710

Sewing machine, AstraLux model 9700-9710 more suitable for Amateurs than for a seamstress professional. It is an electronic sewing machines with horizontal rotary hook type. This sewing machine provides for a pressure adjustment of the presser foot, disabling feeder fabric. A lighting and reverse button. It is also possible to smooth adjustment of sewing speed.
The sewing machine, AstraLux 9700-9710 you can run the 351 transaction and 5 types of loops in comparison with other machines of this company are not very many. It is possible to perform overlong, slip, elastic, elastic blind stitch. And included are the legs for quilting, for sewing the zipper, overlooka for hemming foot for sewing buttons. As in most other machines, it has a needle threader, display, free arm, storage compartment for accessories.

AstraLux – reviews

Sewing machine, AstraLux 9700-710 has both positive and negative user reviews.
Dignity. On the plus side list what the machine is heavy enough weight that allows you to sew heavy fabric and presses the fabric and pulls the screed.
User-friendly interface. One shopper, who bought a sewing machine for home Amateur use, compare it with the «gull 143». And features such as threading a needle, thread cutter, automatic inflorescence emerge loops for easy changing feet, a smooth set of speed and different decorative stitches and fonts it is regarded as a wonder of technological progress.
Disadvantages. Often noted in reviews pickiness of this particular sewing machine, AstraLux to threads that you have to carefully select. Bobbin when the thread is not stopped automatically, as promised by the manufacturers, and begins to gather around the axis of culktural. There are complaints about the fragility of the design.
Comments. Overall a very convenient sewing machine for hobbyists who do not deal with complex models and heavy materials. For professional use you can find another sewing machine, AstraLux having more functionality.

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Experience of use: less than a month
Pluses: I’m an inexperienced seamstress. I’m just an amateur. As a teenager sewing on a lot for magazines such as Burda fashion and proch.stav older, shoved his hobby on the back burner and sewed on the strength of every polgoda.u I had a regular machine «Seagull 143» According to this, these «gadgets like threading the needle thread cutter, the «free arm» automatic sewing buttonholes, can easily change tabs, smooth acceleration and various decorative stitches and fonts -. a miracle of technological progress sobsvenno, this is the advantages of this machine compared to the simple electro-mechanical In the Internet. shop all ordered a different model, but it is not brought, and persuaded to take this, for similar functions, at a discount of 2,500 ruble.
Disadvantages: a feeling of fragility. Immediately noticed that the «free sleeve» loosely adjoins the body and is slightly loose. Tried to correct — it did not work out. the metal used in the car compared with the same «seagull» does not seem reliable and sometimes unevenly polished by krayam.shpulka when full thread does not stop automatically, as promised by the producers, and the wound begins to shpulkoderzhatelya axis. Cutter … maybe because of its unprofessionalism, I do not understand what is the point in it, and why the devil for him to overpay. The stitch is uneven. With increasing the step becomes herringbone
Comment: I expected something more from the model for such a price. 3 days toyed with this model, called the store and insisted that I changed on the model of what I originally ordered. Even with a decent discount, I do not need this machine. I very much hope that tomorrow I will be able to change.

Experience of use: more than a year
Pluses: a good model, long chose, but it was the 9710 that attracted. Perfectly sews, the line is beautiful, sews any fabrics
Disadvantages: heavy, very fastidious to threads,
Comment: overall very comfortable

Experience of use: more than a year
Advantages: The machine is quite heavy by weight, which allows you to sew heavy fabrics. Comfortable interface. Many functions for both professions. And for beginners. Good presses a fabric and does not pull couplers.
Disadvantages: need to look more closely bodbirat thread and needle in accordance not only with a cloth, but also according to the manufacturer nitok.Ochen themselves chuvtsvitelno relates to this.