Sewing machine Astralux 700 – reviews


Astralux 700

Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sewing machine Astralux 700 – reviews.

There is a belief that every housewife in the home should have a sewing machine. Especially if the family has small children, because you often need something to sew or hem. If you have a good domestic sewing machines will not need to spend time and money to visit the Studio – now to fix or sew the clothes themselves. Browsing the Internet responses to the request «Astralux reviews», you will be able to understand that a sewing machine, Astralux 700 really is reliable and useful in the house item that will definitely appeal to the young seamstress.

Astralux 700

It appears opinions, Electromechanical sewing machine, Astralux 700 is able to perform about 35 sewing with different materials. The machine has a horizontal rotary hook, smooth adjustment of sewing speed and foot pressure on the fabric. These criteria allow you to exclude damage to the fabric during sewing.
Sewing machine of this brand provides stitch length 4 mm and width 7 mm. Backlight worker node machines allow the owner to clearly see the treated area tissue. About Astralux customer reviews only positive. This is despite the fact that the brand is not very popular. However, considering these sewing machines, you can safely recommend to novice seamstresses to purchase this tool.
Sewing machine has a handy compartment for accessories, which can be put thread, needles, buttons and many more extra items. Ease of transportation due to the presence of hard cover. Weight sewing machine is 10 kg.

Sewing machine Astralux

Dignity. The advantages of the machine Astralux 700 include easy handling, low noise operation, excellent speed and smoothness.
As shown by reviews, the young seamstress is easy to understand the principles of operation of this instrument due to the detailed instructions. And use the sewing machine by experienced craftsmen, confirms its ability to handle these types of materials, such as leather, denim, chiffon or flannel. The device perfectly copes with sewing concealed zips.
Disadvantages. Among the disadvantages left in the reviews about this product, there is sensitivity to the choice of needles and thread. The Shuttle may be confused or thread off the arm of the lifting. Someone in the reviews said lack of illumination.
Comments. Overall, the sewing machine, Astralux deserves attention, especially if we take the ratio of price and quality. Analysing the reviews about it, you can lean to the conclusion to buy this household tool is.

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Experience of use: less than a month
Advantages: Multifunctional, easy to handle, detailed instructions, a large number of paws, quiet. Good speed. The blade rises to 11 mm.
Disadvantages: the backlight does not turn off.
Comment: The car really liked it, it takes all kinds of cloth. And chiffon and jeans, and the skin, flannel in 8 layers stitched elementary. I’m very happy with the purchase.

Experience of use: several months
Pluses: I really like the machine. Simply super. I sew half a year on it, almost without interruption, it is easy to adjust the stitching and tension of the thread. The overlock stitch and knife helped a lot, for the lack of an overlock, it’s an excellent function. Of course, the overlock will not replace, but for the beginning seamstress most that. There is almost no noise, sewing at night, when the children slept, does not wake.
Disadvantages: It is sensitive to the choice of thread-needle.
Comment: I advise you to buy, do not be afraid that the brand is not known, in no way inferior to well-known manufacturers!

Experience of use: more than a year
Pluses: Stitches dense fabrics — skin, jeans … I sew on it with braids to PETROLEUM with medium pile.
Disadvantages: often a plastic spindle jumps out for the coil from above — along with the coil, in the shuttle the thread is periodically confused, sometimes the thread jumps off the lever of lifting the thread.
The comment: The good machine costs the money. I do not like sewing, but I wanted to start. I love the nice «toys» bought specially, so that sewing does not cause disgust. Sewing on the machine is very nice. (I have a model with an overlock knife, but they have not used it yet — it’s not necessary.)

Experience of use: more than a year
Pluses: Sews great! Very pleases a large number of paws. All kinds of lines of quality. Wonderfully sews secret lightning. Bobbins can be bought at any sewing shop (metal fittings with holes are suitable).

Experience of use: several months
Disadvantages: Completely non-adjustable model, when changing the stitch, it requires constant adjustment of the thread tension. No perfectly straight line — the machine makes a loop. On my question to the master of the tuner why there is no normal straight line (the car is sewing a herringbone) The answer was simple: It can not be otherwise.
Comment: I’ll try to get it back. The machine is suitable for those who do not sew finishing edges and facial seams.