Sewing machine, AstraLux 5100 – reviews


AstraLux 5100

Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sewing machine, AstraLux 5100 – reviews.

Sewing machine, AstraLux in the global market enjoys great popularity due to the ratio of price and quality. Although if you compare it with other well-known brands, sewing machines of this company are not very promoted and advertised. For AstraLux 5100 reviews find is not always easy enough. So the few reviews left by customers, is particularly valuable.

AstraLux 5100 – simple and practical

This sewing machine computer, AstraLux is the adjustable pressure foot on the fabric, disabling feeder fabric, reverse button, the system measuring the size of the buttons, lights, display, bag the platform, a needle threader, a compartment for accessories. Adjust the speed of sewing is smooth.

The number of sewing operations – 66. And 5 types of loops. Already included in the kit is required for the minimum set of paws: for quilting, for sewing the zipper, overlooka to undercut. The features of this sewing machine include the start/stop button.

AstraLux – reviews

The majority of buyers are satisfied with the work, AstraLux 5100 and would strongly recommend.
Dignity. Sewing machine perfectly holds the line that spawns a loop in automatic mode.
Many are very happy with the button start-stop. It greatly facilitates the work, completely eliminates the need for pedals.
One shopper said enthusiastically that the machine does everything itself, hands and feet are almost always free. Sewing – a pleasure! Lines are good quality, hinges in good faith makes, sews almost everything (from jeans to delicate silk).
For reviews a sewing machine is very quiet, even the child does not interfere with sleep. There are buyers who consider her unique sewing machine and wondering why it so little attention.

Disadvantages. One shopper noted that when the reverse makes a few stitches forward, then reverse. But called is not so much a drawback as just a feature, which can be easily adapted.
In loops, you cannot adjust the height of the lines, only the width. Some poor lighting.
In one case the user has encountered slippage in the processing loops have to manually. Repeated complaints to the manufacturer of the lever clamping mechanism for legs of plastic. To the touch it is too flimsy made.

Comments. For reviews of one’s buyers, which long weighed the pros and cons of this sewing machine really sews, has a huge number of features and is inexpensive. She recommends it to anyone who wants to overpay for a known brand. By function and design is actually analog and Aurora Platinum Aurora Platinum 55e 50e. But unlike them, the Taiwanese Assembly.

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Experience of use: more than a year
Pluses: Straight line, does not pull the fabric, a large selection of lines, for me it is perfect. A decent version of a sewing machine for household needs, a curtain, a veil, an organza, a jeans, all are easily liable to it
Disadvantages: Over time, in the place of connecting the power cord to the machine, metal pins began to climb inside, the machine began to shut down, since the cord is fixed there, temporarily I solve the problem by pulling them neatly with thin pliers and this happens rather rarely, but I did not want to give repairs, I do not want to part with it, I will repair it myself later.
Comment: I’ve bought it very quickly, not reading reviews, as usual and for everything! And I do not regret starting for me, after my mother’s hand typewriter it’s just a pleasure, I’m not used to using the pedal, it’s difficult for me to adjust the speed, but the start button and the speed adjustment solve the problem. Very satisfied with the purchase

Experience of use: more than a year
Pluses: Excellent machine, perfectly holds the line, sweeps the loop in automatic mode.
Disadvantages: for two years of use has not revealed.
Comment: start-stop button, such convenience that the pedal did not even get out of the box

Experience of use: less than a month
Pluses: Smart car, everything does itself! Sewing even without a pedal on the start button))) hands and feet are free. I just need to straighten the fabric if necessary! She pulls the thread in the needle, cuts after sewing))))) A very convenient speed regulator is very convenient! Sew a pleasure!
Disadvantages: When reversing, makes a couple of stitches forward, and then back. I do not consider this a major drawback. I easily adjusted to this. It is possible to find flaws in any machine for any money, for the taste and color of a friend is not there!
Comment: Do not be afraid to buy sewing machines of this company! I admit, I also for a very long time weighed all the pros and cons of buying this machine. The company was embarrassed …. There are few reviews about it in the internet.
Yes, little-known, unpopular, untapped ….. and so on … but it’s not that important. It’s important that she renders it realistically, has a huge number of functions and at the same time is inexpensive.
I have identified one pattern — many scold, but mostly criticize the competitors, manufacturers and those who did not use the machine.
And those who bought and sewed on it, are very happy! Who does not want to overpay for the popularity of the brand, I highly recommend it!

Experience of use: several months
Pluses: Stitches are very high-quality, easy to operate, easy, convenient. The hinge does very well. A set of decorative lines is much richer and more interesting than in analogues from Brother or Jean.
Disadvantages: Decorative 48-th in fact comes out nekazyavo))) In the loops can not adjust the height of the line, only the width. The presser foot lever is made of plastic.
Comment: In terms of functions and design, in fact an analog of Aurora Platinum 55e and Aurora Platinum 50e. Only unlike them, the Taiwanese assembly.
Practically omnivorous — takes the organza, not pulling together the seam, easily sews on jeans.
I needed a machine for infrequent use at home. And overall, I’m very pleased with the choice.

Experience of use: less than a month
Advantages: The machine on the functional is equal to the machines, which are twice as expensive as it is. Rare ability to sew everything — and jeans with a canvas and thin silk, but you need an upper conveyor (500 rubles.). Low-speed. Compact. I chose a car by combing reviews and forums of the Internet and local shops for a week and chose it. I do not understand why so little attention is paid to this unique machine, both at price and opportunity.
Disadvantages: There are practically none, and those that are simply pale against the background of merits. There is no reverse (sewing reverse). Slightly little light.
Commentary: The machine is made on the Janome conveyor belt, in Taiwan — it completely coincides with Janome packing method and materials (tags, labels, packages). Additional equipment (paws, needles, upper conveyor) come from Janome with a vertical shuttle !!!!!!!!!!! It is very demanding for the correct selection of needles and threads.

Experience of use: more than a year
Pluses: easy, straight lines, convenient removable sleeve, compartment for accessories, quietly works (the child does not interfere with sleeping), many decorative stitches
Disadvantages: More than merits. The overlay line is simpotichna only on the 15th, and for her on the second day the guide for the fabric on the overlock paw has broken off. I work on the old way in hand, then we skidded, then the density of the machine does not suit. The plastic «ending» on the lever I do not even want to write. For such money, at least glued it! To the touch too much is flimsy done.
Comment: Everything is higher, we dropped it, now we can not just get the cord from the machine. It’s not very easy to sew the pedals, the habit of using the legs to look for the pedal is stronger. VERY VERY VERY EXPERIENCED by buying. Such a machine does not deserve such money.