Sewing machine 7300 SE AstraLux – reviews


7300 SE AstraLux

Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sewing machine 7300 SE AstraLux – reviews.

Popular sewing machine, 7300 SE AstraLux is a clear implementation of the motto «Sewing is fun!» Brand gave its name to the sewing equipment, over 40 years of activity has earned in many countries, the recognition and appreciation of customers. Its products are used successfully by experts of sewing, and novice. From them, Kr reviews gets qualified, which not only highlights the merits of this or that machine, but sounds like constructive criticism. Consider our model, and then examine the reviews about it.

7300 SE AstraLux

On the official website of the manufacturer, AstraLux 7300 SE presented as a versatile computerized sewing machine. It is distinguished by a striking versatility. Can embroider monograms, using Russian alphabet, make application. Working on it, hard to go wrong, as the display shows animated tips. Touch control allows you, without effort, to change many things.

General characteristics:
• Shuttle type – horizontal rotary
• Electronic stabilizer efforts puncture – there is
• Variable speed control sewing
• Disabling feeder fabric – there are
• Reverse button (return) – there is
• Switch the position of the needle is
• Light – true

Sewing surgery:
• Number – 504
• Loop is done by machine (13 views)
• Lines – overloka, slip, elastic, elastic secret
• Max stitch length – 5 mm
• Max width – 7 mm
Package contents:
Paws for quilting, overloa, for sewing buttons, for sewing the zipper, hemming foot.
• Platform for the sleeves – there is
• Needle threader – is
• Display – there is
• Compartment for small items have
• Soft case
• Weight – 11 kg
• Start/stop button
• 6-segmented rack-conveyor
• Touch control
• Double-needle stitching
• 4 fonts for monograms.

AstraLux – reviews

Household sewing machine, AstraLux (model 7300 SE) has earned good reviews, but not without reference to the revealed errors in the work. Consider separately the positive side of the typewriter, the comments of buyers and their comments.
Dignity. Convenient operation. The start/stop button allows you to refuse the connection of a foot pedal.
All noted a large number of functions. We can embroider monograms on clothing kids for kindergarten, there is a Russian alphabet.
Easily sews 8 layers of matter, good beats loops, overlock stitching after setting up great. For thick fabrics, there is an additional presser foot lift.
Like manual thread trimmer. It works quietly. As she says, she sews at night, and the sound of working machines don’t. Internal parts are all metal, only plastic on top.

Disadvantages. Expensive, as noted by many buyers. Don’t like foot pedal. It is made of plastic, is unstable and does not inspire confidence.
Professional seamstress was a little fault with the quality of the lines, for some reason she did not work to debug, but excessive nicety she explained their professionalism.
Someone didn’t like the way the machine behaves when dealing with delicate fabric. The author of this review chiffon jammed under the needle plate. Someone not really liked the design.

Comments. Despite some of the comments all the girls are pleased with the work of the sewing machine. If one of them was asked to choose a new one, she would have bought this.
The second seamstress was captivated by the processing loops of the coat, although with chiffon she was tortured.
Finally, in recent comments this model was just advised to buy. The machine is just fabulous!

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Experience of use: several months
Pluses: plastic only on top, inside everything metal, sews quietly (I can sew at night without bothering anyone, including the child does not wake up), Russian alphabet helps me out when signing clothes for kindergarten, knitting and pseudo overlocking lines are excellent
Disadvantages: has not yet found
Comment: for half a year of regular sewing censures did not cause, if they offered to re-select a typewriter would choose this without hesitation

Experience of use: several months
Pluses: Who needs a large number of functions, berite.Ilyno tested, well stitches thin fabrics and thick in 8 layers, without even choking, despite the power of 50 watts. By the way, some sellers advertise its power as 85 watts, it’s not true. With such a set of functions, other machines have several times more expensive machines. But if you do not need so many functions, you can take something cheap. I recommend an excellent reliable machine
Disadvantages: A bit expensive. Another lightweight plastic
Foot pedal, unstable.

Experience of use: less than a month
Advantages: the number of decorative lines, the presence of the alphabet, the button start-stop (the pedal has not connected, not even checked). Works well on dense tissues. There is an additional rise of the paw for thick fabrics. There are good loops. A good manual thread cutter.
Disadvantages: the eye loop sweeps out not always evenly, but when cutting and fastening, perhaps it will not be noticeable. Irritating picculation with each use of buttons. Not very informative front panel (buttons for adjusting the length of stitches, the choice of stitches) — while I choose the method of «poke». Did not like top thread filling. On thin fabrics (chiffon and the like), chews the fabric under the needle plate, and can do this in the middle of the line.
Commentary: The first 15 minutes I wanted to return it. (I bought it through the online store for reviews and as a cat in a bag). I did not like the front panel, the sloping relief, where the start-up and reverse buttons are located (with my high growth and Installation of the machine on a table of standard height, you have to bend your back), filling the upper thread. Perhaps we will get along with it … but while I was trying to sew fine fabrics, I even remembered the profanity. But loops on 4 layers of a coat of fabric me have subdued. Therefore while has decided to leave it or her.

Experience of use: several months
Pluses: there are a lot of them !! Her weight of 7.9 (weighed) and felt like 10 kg. Inside, the metal looked. Backlight! Number of legs! Looping beats are amazing! Overlock lines after tweaking are super-duper! Shorter typew for home use just super. Very pleased to take it, too, on the reviews of two months sat in the internet and was not mistaken I advise …
Disadvantages: but the quality of the line is difficult to fix if the honor … as soon as I sat down for the first time for the test immediately changed the needle for an expensive and expensive quality thread set the width of the stitch picked up the fabric for all this and stuck but …… alas the quality of the line For 3-ku. And as did not try to debug everything as it was not phantanum = (((but it’s vozozhno my excessive pickiness as I prof.shveya and got used to the idyllic machine lines.
Comment: the machine takes a sintepon in 4 layers (using the attached upper conveyor) I have already sewn a blanket and a pillow on it. Jeans hem low on the seam is excellent at slowing the course but the stitch is decreasing (which is natural without an upper conveyor, it needs to be set and I’m too lazy), but this is not noticeable when the socks wakes up so that I do not soar. Thin fabric such as chiffon did not sew, but I think the problems will not arise the main thing is to change the needles. The machine is powerful without exaggeration. I advise

Experience of use: several months
Pluses: Conveniently controlled, the line is just perfect! Automatic needle threader, 500 lines and very diverse, there are quilts and monograms simple, do not make noise at all, not capricious!
Disadvantages: The design leaves much to be desired, but this is not the main thing, the machine is just fabulous
Comment: I can not get enough of myself, before it was Janome L394, that is, I moved after the mechanical, it’s just super! I advise everyone, probyvala different models with the quality of the line of this little girl does not compare!

Experience of use: less than a month
Pluses: Many …
Disadvantages: Inconvenient holder for coils (large in diameter not put and not put, you have to use small ones)
Comment: I have already been a three-year-old AstraLux machine, (only model 9700). All this time, constantly something that I sew. The machine only pleases. My son sewed a bag of dense jeans, the machine coped surprisingly with a lot of layers of fabric and the tractor lightning overpowered, with fine fabrics like chiffon as well managed. The machine sews the loop perfectly, a comfortable pedal plus a button for working without a pedal, when making errors in the setting, a beep sounds.

Experience of use: more than a year
Comment: Overclocking I use more than two, never changed anything. Everything is pleasant and especially convenient control.