Sewing Brother 1034D serger-929D – reviews



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sewing Brother 1034D serger-929D – reviews.

The stitching quality, durability and reliability. So it is possible to evaluate the leading company for the production of sewing equipment Brother. Like other Japanese brands, the quality serger Brother got a great. Consumers who wrote about Brother reviews and comments will help us to identify the main features of the sewing serger, its pros and cons.

Brother 1034D-929D

Sewing overlock Brother machine has the following common characteristics. Its total power consumption is 100 W, lamp power 15W. There is a device for the selective supply of fabric, automatic threading of needle and looper device of the yarn tension, the adjustment pressing on the fabric, the width of the bleed cloth is also adjustable. The number of threads 3, 4.
All sewing operations 8.
In the sewing serger 2 types of seams: flatlock and role-playing. The length and width are adjustable. Length 2-4 mm. Width of 2-7 mm. working Speed is also customizable and can reach 1300 stitches/min. installed in the sewing overlock machine needles 130/705 H (HAx1SP). Also included are additional carrying handle Assembly, soft cover, tray for scraps and an extra detachable bag platform.

Brother – reviews

Reviews on sewing Brother 1034D serger-929D a bit. But those buyers that were noted in the reviews, was very happy with this model.
Dignity. Filling yarns do not cause any difficulties. The relatively high speed of sewing. Stitch when sewing make a very good. Configured overlock machine very easy. Many pleased that a sewing machine is not whimsical and unpretentious. It is possible to use any thread, and thus the quality of the sewing is not affected. With extra bag platform very easy and convenient to process cylindrical items such as cuffs or sleeves.
Disadvantages. The manual is not informative enough, also, there are typos, and understand it is quite difficult. Compared to other models of sewing overlock machine is a bit noisy. The case that came with the serger, soft.
Comments. Serger delivers on its promises, it is perfectly sews a perfect stitch. The only disadvantage to understand it, the beginner will be somewhat difficult to have to spend some time. Sewing serger will help you get professional results while saving your time.

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