Sew Japanese bag pouch with printed pattern



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sew Japanese bag pouch with printed pattern.

The bag is sewed for my daughter and her toy cat, which she likes to walk. Bag is a bag with two different handles: handle smaller, it is a loop in which it sticks long handle and voila! we have a walking bag.


The pattern itself is made from a sheet of A4. Measure at 5.5 cm on the handle, and 15.5 to the openings of the product. Draw a curve. 1 part of the pattern ready.


Now we need to calculate the round bottom of the bag. To do this, remember from the school program the formula for the circumference of a circle. L=2PR, (or L=ПD, where «N» is the number «PI», R circle radius, D — diameter).

The length of the circle is known to us is the width of the sheet А4х2, that is 42 cm, the Calculated diameter obtained 13.3 cm pattern bottom finish.


Next mark out and cut details of bags made of cloth. I chose dark blue cotton, as the main and striped cotton fabric for the lining. The bag can be bilateral. Attention! When cutting out the bottom of the bag seam, not doing that! Otherwise, do not coincide.


Then I print on fabric with homemade stamps image kittens. Use acrylic fabric paint Decola. After drying, fix the drawing with a hot iron.


So, the fabric is ready, start the sewing. Through the openings defined by the line where the handle begins. Make a corresponding incision in the long handle. Grind down the lateral line on the front fabric and lining.


Then sew the bottom on the main fabric and the lining.


Pristrastiem. There were 2 parts, put them into each other face.


Grind armhole seams and at the handles. The upper seam stitch handles only loop handle, and she leave the outer seam unsewn, which wrenched all the product. More needs to be done with scissors the notches in the armhole, so that when the eversion seam «is not pulled«. Here’s what happened:

Now just have to manually sew a hidden seam, two seam, to connect the long handle and to sew outside seam of the handle-loops, through which we wrenched the product.


Skalyvaniem, prosepoem, zapravlyaem, otpaivaem.


Bag for the cat ready. Threaded long handle to handle-loop and worn on the wrist.


you can make the purse a little less, I find it convenient and such a size. With this convenient to go out for a short walk, you fit in there wallet, and phone, and keys. And someone and the cats :)


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