Sew handbag-beautician



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sew handbag-beautician.

We will need:
denim fabric;
cotton fabric;
bulk of the interlining;
threads for hand stitching;
This master-class on making cosmetics bags are very simple and affordable even for those who do not have special skills and extensive experience in sewing. Our beautician will be companion to the already finished purse


Therefore, the size of her small 13×15 cm For its production we will need a denim fabric as the main and any cotton fabric. If you use regular fabric, not for patchwork, I recommend to glue them with fabric.



Prepared from tissue cut 24 squares of size 4×4 cm, taking into account the allowances. If you want, sizing them interlining.

03 04

Collect and grind them on your own and taste.


Razotajiem seams, trim the edges and get a billet for the front of the cosmetic, size 11,5×16,5 cm

06 07

To the top of the sewn workpiece prepared detail denim size 4,5×16,5 cm, and towards the bottom detail size 14,5×16,5 cm

08 09 10

Finished workpiece volumetric strengthened with interlining. If you do not use the bag as a handbag, it is possible to do without the bulk of fleece.

11 12

On the front side do the layout for the stitches, the engine line laid diagonally, slightly pritagivaet.


The size of the workpiece cut the lining.


Some of the squares using a stencil to apply the contour of the sprocket manual denim line using thread or embroidery floss.


To the upper sections, first to one, then to another, pin and sew the zipper. It is possible in one step with the lining, in two steps, first the zipper then the lining on top.

16 17 18

To lining buckle not caught in the zipper, prestratified it to the seam allowance at a distance of 0.1 cm


Grind down one line the side seams of the bag and lining, leaving the lining a hole of 6-7 cm) to turn.


In the side seam of the bags I put the belt loops with ring for small band, where you can wear the bag as a handbag. Suture the corners of the bag and the lining, razotajiem seams, cut away the excess.

21 22 23

Wrenched the purse, sew up hole in lining, lightly ironed. Admire the result! I wish you success!


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