Sew denim bag with flap decorated with a patchwork unit «the monkey’s paw»



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sew denim bag with flap decorated with a patchwork unit «the monkey’s paw».

Many fans of patchwork in their «bins» hold on to old jeans in the hope that some of them sew. And there are those who is that old pair of jeans uses as source material for his patchwork creation.
As any housewife with a large family (son, daughter, grandson, husband, sister, friend, brother and a bunch of other relatives), in my building gathered a huge number of denim clothing, which has «outlived its time». But «jeans» is a pretty durable and high-quality material, the hand does not rise to throw it. So I got the idea to sew bags and backpacks of these things. What? They will not shed and will not be hooked. Things and denim is always in fashion.
Do you have old ? Together, let’s give them a new life!
I suggest you to sew a bag with flap, decorated with a patchwork unit «the monkey’s paw». For this bags we will need scraps of jeans from two contrasting colors, scissors, thread, needles, zipper, lining cloth, paper, tracing paper, interlining, ruler. And of course, a good mood!


Make a pattern out of paper: the Foundation bag and the flap.

02 03

Let’s start with valve. Paper pattern valve overlay tracing paper and draw this pattern here. As we use the contrasting fabric, it is necessary to mark (shade).


Embroidery technique on the basis of many familiar. Measure the inner squares, take into account the seam, to cut out two strips from which sew two-tone square.

05 06

Fasten it in the center of the bases of the pins, combining lines Central lines Central lines in the picture (don’t forget about the matching colors).


Next, measure one of the triangles, following the Central square, adding to the seams and cut out a triangle of fabric the desired color.

08 09 10

Pin, stitch, turns, Tutwiler, leveled. And so, consistently, the rest of the triangles.


The first row is ready. Similarly proceed with the rest of the series, do not forget about color. Every detail definitely otpaivaem.

12 13

The result is a kind of beauty to it.


Remove the paper (it is well removed).


Fasten patchwork set adhesive base (phleselin, dublerin), make a decorative stitch and customize the pattern of the valve. Sew edging (optional), to cut out the lining of denim and prestratified face-to-face to the patchwork of valve components.


Gut-wrenching, quiet, attracive on the edge. Valve is ready.

17 18

Proceed to the base of the bag. Take the pattern and cut 4 pieces of denim and 4 pieces of lining fabric. On one of the parts of the jeans you can make a pocket (this is back).


Immediately prepare a pen for our bags (120 cm) and the strap, which will hold the buckle (11 cm). Width and straps and handles I – 2 cm in finished form, you have it can be different, it depends on the width of the buckle.


Sew the handle and strap fixings in denim (6×6 cm squares, folded in half).

21 22

I’m using buckles, rivets, eyelets and other metal parts. Their installation requires special tools, but you can do it in a special workshop.

Now collect the «carcass» of the bag. Take two denim items (the ones without pockets), put them face each other. Transfer patterns with a line inside the seam and attracive.

23 24

Next, take the detail back (a pocket), measure from the top 3 cm, draw a line that applies to her ready valve and prestratified, stepping back from the edge of the valve 0.3 cm.



We turn to face and pave decorative stitch, retreating 0.5 cm.


Pin little crossbars on which is mounted a handle, at a distance of 3 cm from the top of the «back» of the bag.


The lower panel is the Central part of applying «back» and stitch them together. Cityby the top panel do not accidentally hit by a needle, modernem the edges and stick pins.

29 30

Gut-wrenching, making the notch in the corners ‒ half the bags ready.


Now pin up the edges ready (rear) halves, put the front of the bag face down and stitch as well as the back (don’t forget about the insert!). Cut corners, gut-wrenching. «Carcass» ready.

32 33 34 35 36

Moving on to the lining. Two cut parts folded face to face and sew around the perimeter. So do the other two parts. It turns out two bags. The entrance to the pouch is folded 1 cm, nametype for some time and delay in storonku.

37 38

Take the zipper, applied to the entrance of the bag, add 5-6 cm, cut.


At the entrance in the bag with the two sides of the side seams measure 1.5 cm to the centre, make a mark.

40 41

Pin (or tack) the zipper carefully with tucked its beginning.


Stitch from the edge 0.7 cm to the mark at the end of the zipper. Repeat the operation with the other hand.

Neatly folded inside of 0.70.8 cm edges of both divisions of the bag, including those to which the zipper will be sewn nametype.


Now take the previously stitched bags of podlagi invested (not twisting) in each Department bags, jeans tack to do in the face of each division line.

44 45 46

Put on the zipper slider and the tail-stop of denim.


Install the grommets on the strapthe strap.

48 49

And the bag is ready!

A few words about the décor and fittings. If you have no opportunity (or desire) to set rivets, eyelets, and other attributes of the «denim» style it is possible to do without them. Yes and patchwork set on the valve can be any. In confirmation of this another purse in the same pattern and technology of tailoring, which, I think, looks no worse than the «heroine» of this master class.


I wish you success in creative work!

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