Sew a pretty spring makeup bag out of felt and fabric



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Sew a pretty spring makeup bag out of felt and fabric.

Offer a distinguished audience along with me to sew a very spring make-up bag. In this tutorial I wanted (at the same time) to show how you can combine felt with other materials, for example, with cloth, left him, and at the same time, the main working material.

We will need: stiff felt 1.2 mm thick, matching fabric, a little glue interlining, zipper and decorative elements — adresochek cotton lace, thermal image and light felt for her, and the metal terminal.


The pattern is simple, but I still prepared it for you in a printable form, the best format is an A3 sheet of paper or in half on two A4 sheets with the subsequent pasting. The size of the finished cosmetic happens 21 cm by 15 cm by 6 cm.


The pattern printed and cut on the solid lines. Start the cutting. We need one piece of felt and two of fabric. The lining will also cut out of felt — it glue on the dotted line the two pattern pieces and to cut out another felt detail. Do not forget to carry the material all dotted markings accurate transfer is almost the key to successful operation :)


Pay attention that the fabric I duplicated a thin interlining. It is not so much to stiffen it will be achieved at the expense of the hard felt inner parts, as to prevent fraying cuts and greater convenience in the work.

We begin to make the outside of the purse. Sew the felt detail with the cloth.

*By the way, girls who have already eaten their vozimoMarch candy Ferrero Rocher in those plastic boxes do not throw away, perfect for storing thread, you can see everything and the capacity is great :))

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Sew the felt with fabric on both sides and razotajiem seams. If we wish to add the lace — it’s time. I have it thin, so I didn’t want to sew it in just the stitch it wouldn’t stay on the front side.


Just put it evenly along the seam and sew zig-zag or, better, some beautiful decorative stitching.


Now it is the turn of Teamcenter. With your permission, I’ll write again podrobnenko manual translation — who already knows all about it — you can scroll through, and who is not familiar with technology or can’t do something — read carefully :)

Let’s review the main steps that you just need to execute and not to miss anything and everything will work out so perfectly that it can stand the tears of emotion from the contemplation of the result.

1. For transfer is cut from a sheet of thermal transfer the desired image contour. Can be cut edge to edge, with a small indentation, like. A piece of felt that will translate, need to be a little more of the picture. Will only fit lighter shades of felt, for this work I took obrasocial pale cream color 1.0 mm thick.

2. Be sure the surface to be cleaned before you transfer — fetr «likes» to fasten any dust-hairs, and so, it is advisable to avoid contact with all of this «good» under termotransfer. Practice shows that under it becomes visible even what it seemed was not on the surface :) Is suitable for cleaning sticky roller.

3. Put a picture of checkered side up on the felt. Meanwhile, gray iron.

How to select the right temperature? On my iron — verified experience temperature — slightly less than the maximum, but that’s my iron, and they are all different. For each it is necessary to select temperature mode by the test. Test this: take a scrap of felt unnecessary and put him on iron. Gradually add the temperature on the iron until the iron is safely on the felt and not upravlyaet it. At the first sign of overheating — the felt begins to curl at the corners, as if to curl into it, » diminish the temperature a little bit. Thus we find the maximum temperature at which the iron stands on the felt and melt it for 30-45 seconds.

Pay attention! Don’t be afraid to add temperature. Need to find just the maximum possible, the hotter the iron the more it is like thermal paper. If you have to translate the transfer hot enough to iron it — it will not work, will be ruined and the picture, and felt it just not translated or translated fragments. Better to spoil a few unnecessary scraps, than to «work» materials.

Don’t be afraid of all these difficulties, using this test you will need to get only once, then you will already know exactly how to heat iron.

4. When the temperature picked up — just put the iron on the picture, middle of the, properly, and go to do their business 25-30 seconds :)


5. Remove the iron and allow the design to cool completely. I do not recommend to remove the protective layer of felt hot so the picture will lose its gloss.

6. Until everything cools down you can trim the excess felt. It’s not necessary, but I do it’s usually at this stage. I recommend always cutting with a sharp knife, not scissors.

7. Remove, finally, the cellular layer, gently prising it from one of the corners. With a well-translated, cold transfer, he moves easily and naturally.

8. Here it is, here it is — the tears of emotion and happiness!


Now we have to sew the image to the primary tip.

Little life hack masonite picture ordinary stationery glue on the back side to lock it in a level position before stitching — this is not going anywhere and will not need to keep it.


Prestratified any cute lowercase, I used the same as for lace.


Thus, the outer side is ready. You can now sew the zipper. This process I have repeatedly shown in his MK, but let me remind you again to those who have not seen, not to look.

We need thin (not like me) needle and contrasting thread for smachivaniya. Insert the zipper into the slot of the upper side of the bags and tack.


Take the backing side and even combine it with external party, which is already sewn to the zipper.


Derive a needle with thread on the inner side and continue to the second round primitivity immediately through two layers of felt.


So it turns out.


Laying the line on the machine and take out a running thread.


From the inside, too, everything exactly:


The excess zipper and cut aplauses the cut with a lighter.


Now you only have to sew the perimeters of the outer sides and lining. Fold the parts in half, face to face.


Sew the side seams and bottom of bag on both sides. Do not forget to leave a lining on the bottom side of the hole for the eversion. The zipper is also better to undo before performing these stitches, so you do not have to do circus sketches by undoing it through the hole in the lining with the wrong side :)


Carefully cut the excess material along the completed welds.


Now close all four Darts, and again cut the excess.


are left to twist it, gently straighten all the corners and sew up the hole for reversing.

It would be possible already and to stop, but I wanted a «cherry«, which will become the tassel on the zipper.

Take another atresic felt and maslinovye it as shown in the photo. Thin parallel lines with a small indentation from one of the edges.


Cut fringe along the lines.


Now take a thin strip of felt and glue it to the edge. I still have a stitch further.


Wrap the roll and get a fringe tassel. Fix the edge on the glue.


Locking glue well, but anxious, so add a few stitches for reliability : a) Preparing kontsevicha.


Put it completely and cheers :)


All ready, hang the brush on the dog, zipper cosmetic bag is ready!

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