Setting of sewing machines – how to configure the machine



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Setting of sewing machines – how to configure the machine.

Each seamstress will agree that the setting up of sewing machines always requires skill and skills. Understanding the device and design their equipment, you can perform all the necessary activities to service cars and to achieve the perfect quality sewing. Setting the sewing machine will not be tedious and time consuming, if time and correctly to implement it. So you can avoid breakdowns, save time, nerves and money on repairs. To set up the equipment, you can invoke the wizard, but much more interesting and more practical to learn how to configure your machine yourself.

How to set a sewing machine

The interaction of the Shuttle device with needle – basic set-up of sewing machines. When the needle is higher than expected, the nose of the Shuttle passes through the loop. As a result, the machine makes the gaps and needs adjustment. This problem can occur when working with heavy, coarse fabrics. If the technique is not intended for such, it is not necessary to experiment. If the problem is already there, the setting will be as follows. You need to clean compartment from dirt, set between the nose of the Shuttle and the needle such a distance that it fell into a loop. If all parameters of the machine in order, it is sufficient to set the stitch, replace the needle and fill. And when customizing please note that the lower thread must be thinner than the top. The force of the pushing foot needs to be greater, the thicker the material. Next, custom line screw on the bobbin case cap and the nut tension. To prevent damage be sure to follow all instructions points. When sewing in no case do not pull the material (damaged nose of the Shuttle). In household fixtures flywheel to rotate only on yourself. And it is very important never to give on a bare plate with a needle filled with thread and after lifting the legs up not to continue to sew. These basic rules will save the equipment from damage and you from unnecessary problems.

Setting the sewing machine after a long break

If the car is stood for a long time and was not in operation before sewing is to ask, how to set sewing machine. At least, it could rust. The first thing you need in this case to do to configure it – grease (a dedicated machine, of course). Then when the raised foot and not tucking the thread run it at low speed. Thanks these simple steps, the oil will penetrate all the hard to reach places. Excess grease can be wet cloth.
Now is the time to change the needle, fill the needle and proceed to the beloved. Customize your assistant’s completed and she’s ready to bring you great results!

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