Repair overlock, dressing and setting of the serger


Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Repair overlock, dressing and setting of the serger.

The sewing machine is technically much more difficult sewing machine. Setup and repair of gas-fired require a lot of effort, special knowledge and skills. However, repair is not always necessary. Sometimes we just need to properly configure the machine and the needle thread tension and it will again work properly. Also very important the filling of the serger, so overlock how often are sensitive to the type of thread, and in case of replacement will have to be readjusted tension.

Setting serger

Consider a generalized action and repair overlock when they malfunction.
1. A muffled thud and omissions may indicate a broken or bent needle. Needle – a very important detail in the car, so it is important that it was sturdy and sharp. Determine its severity you can, having a nail at its base from the ear to the tip. If you feel roughness, then it is faulty. To detect curvature it is possible to use a magnifying glass. If the needle is bent, do not try to straighten and reinsert it, it will only aggravate the quality of the sewing.
2. The fabric is not moving. This could indicate a weak pressing on the presser foot. For thin fabric, you need to install a small pressure to the fabric is not gathered. For thicker fabrics, the pressure can be increased, but usually it is not necessary.
3. Thread breakage during repair. Often it is an indication of improper threading. This should be done carefully, inserting the thread in all of the instructions attachment. Sometimes refills are specially produce special curved tweezers.
4. If the repair thread are confused, check all the way of its passage. Can also help setup coil: maybe she jumped.

Filling overlock

Filling overate as setting the serger, it is very important for its normal functioning.
1. Needles for machines should be only high quality and recommended by the factory. The needles may vary according to the type of bulb, the length of the needle, the length and width of the bulb. So, if you use a needle with a round shape, then the replacement must be similar. All sizes and types of needles specified in the instructions.
2. An important role for the serger in the repair played by the thickness and elasticity of the skin. The ideal solution would be to use a thread of the same brand, changing only the color. This will protect you from changes in the tension and low-quality overcasting the seam.
3. Grease for serger when repair is as important as the sewing machine. Serger runs at high speed and without lubrication can become extremely hot or even fail. It should be carried out not less than once per year, preferably every six months. A good solution would be to use instead of a grease syringe. It will help you to reach the most inaccessible places.

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