Repair of Seagulls — the sewing machine m 132, 134, 142 m, 143


Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Repair of Seagulls — the sewing machine m 132, 134, 142 m, 143.

Although sewing machine Chaika Soviet workmanship and renowned reliability, yet every owner of such a rarity will certainly have at least in General terms, to understand what is involved in the of Seagulls. These sewing machines sew perfectly, but subject to regular maintenance. Moreover, understanding the structure and working principle, repair sewing machine the Seagull will not be very difficult.

Seagull 123 M – renovation: where to start?

The main malfunction of the sewing machine the Seagull is skipped stitches, running this file the bottom or upper thread, its an open. However, repair of the Gulls it is best to begin not with the problem itself, and with routine inspection, cleaning and lubrication. To do this you must disconnect the motor from the mains, remove the top cover by unscrewing the two fixing screws. Next you need to remove the foot, remove the needle, needle plate, and a cover of the Shuttle mechanism. The machine itself must be removed from the wooden stand, disassemble the Shuttle device. And now you can clean the machine from dust, dirt, feathered. Then, using an ordinary medical syringe you can fill all rubbing parts with and fit all available space.
After all the preparatory measures, you can proceed directly to the repair: to identify the causes of failure and their elimination. Open the threads in sewing machine the Seagull may occur due to the folded tip of a blunt needle. It is easy to see under a magnifying glass.
When operating the sewing machine the Seagull, it is desirable to use a proper needle and is designed specifically for this model in accordance with the instructions. Also, the thread may break due to the fact that the needle is at the entrance to the needle hole can touch it. To set it in the center of the needle slit by displacement of the needle bar frame, which is fixed by screws on the yoke. This will be the repair.

Sewing machine repair Seagull in the Studio

When using a sewing machine the Seagull 123 M repairs are not always simple and possible at home. Adjustment, adjustment and repair of some mechanisms may require experience and professionalism. For example, if the work is spontaneously lost the transverse position of the needle (in sewing machine Chaika happens quite often), it is likely better to repair was carried out by the master. This failure may be the cause of the misalignment of some other nodes.
Also there are many other settings that are fairly difficult to self-repair. This, for example, repair of the Shuttle stroke. There can be hidden reasons for turning. For almost each model of sewing machine the Seagull engineers have developed its own characteristics for the setup and maintenance of this site. Therefore, such delicate work best left to the specialist in repairing sewing equipment.

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