Presser foot for sewing machines – types


Presser foot for sewing machines

Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Presser foot for sewing machines – types.

Additional presser foot for sewing machines are not very popular and often remain unopened. Most people primarily use only one universal foot. Many beginners are not even aware that additional foot for sewing machines give many attractive options when sewing. So, for some operations only fit certain types of feet. Older models of sewing machines they were not so much. But today modern models of the cars included are a variety of different pads for different types of products.

Types of sewing feet

The various presser feet for sewing machines perform complementary functions and are suitable for a particular tissue type and for specific machines.
1. Feet with rollers. They are used for sewing leather and suede. Sew these materials machine with a standard foot is quite difficult, so it is a very necessary thing. After puncture the leather and suede remain the appropriate holes, so when sewing you cannot afford any mistakes. With this foot, you can avoid all such inconveniences. Designed specifically for these materials, she quickly and their stitches.
2. Foot for piecing together knitwear. This type of feet for the machine just necessary when sewing thin materials. With its help, the product will no longer move down, to fall into the slot on the rail and tightened in the hole of the needle plate.
3. Overlooka foot. Due to the presence of the foot in the car, even without a full serger, you can make eyelet brim with the seam that is most appropriate to this tissue. Of course, all this is just an imitation overlock stitch, but to distinguish the seam is apparently quite difficult.
4. Foot blind stitch. This foot toy will come in handy when hemming skirts or pants. Also sew regular and hidden zipper. Sometimes it is used for hemming fabric or lessirovka. Such a foot is generally present in the kit to almost any machine.
5. Feet for machine Seagull and Podolsk. To beautifully and discreetly to hem pants, suitable presser foot for blind stitch. Its kind of elastic hidden seam, perfectly suited for skirts and dresses. Included with the car Chaika also are such as legs, foot for protecive tape, foot-switch for lightning and others. But the overlock foot in these cars there. Execute following line only on a modern sewing machine brands Brother, Janome and others.

Presser foot for sewing machines

Different kinds of sewing feet are necessary to fulfill the product. Of course, to learn how to use all the pads for the cars, it will take time and a lot of skill. But it’s worth it. After you make the pleats, hem the edges of fabric and zipper. When performing these functions no longer need smachivanie, and performing a variety of complex materials, such as leather, suede and other, becomes easy and enjoyable.

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