Pedal for sewing machines – repair


Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Pedal for sewing machines – repair.

Faulty foot pedal for sewing machine can bring a lot of trouble when operating this equipment. Even if the machine does not stop entirely and be responsive on the pedal, it can gleaning momentum, or, conversely, without gradual acceleration to break on to maximum rpm, and may respond after only a few pushes on the pedal… anyway, in case of breakage of the foot pedal to the sewing machine stitching becomes impossible.

What begins the repair of treadle sewing machines?

The first difficulty lies in the fact that all these difficulties may be due to the fact that it smashed the pedal to the sewing machine. This can be motor, wire, contacts. Just making sure in their healthy state, the obvious conclusion is to blame the faulty pedal sewing machine.
The complexity of the repair depends on the type and devices of the pedal itself. They are of two types depending on model of machine: pedal with a rheostat and with electronics. To determine what your sewing machine from its weight. The pedal rheostat is usually much heavier than electronic. This is due to its internal design.

What is the rheostat and repair of electronic pedals for sewing machines?

The pedal rheostat often goes down because of its fragility and careless use of consumers. Repair the pedal of the sewing machine of this type is usually required after a long period of its operation. Moreover, the threat of failure can be determined in advance, at the first signs: sewing machine begins to move only at the end push hard on the pedal. If you do not pay attention to it in a timely manner, the pedal of the machine just smashed to pieces and the essence of repair will be bonding all the particles of a very good and strong glue or replacement pedal for a new one. The second option, of course, more reliable.
To avoid problems with pedal cars, it is desirable to avoid sharp and strong taps and don’t leave it plugged in, if the sewing machine is not in use.
In case of breakage of electronic pedals to repair it yourself is unlikely. All that can be done far from electronics the user to examine its integrity, any damage ration of radioactive elements, not detached if the transaction. More detailed maintenance can be carried out by experts in electronics, have the necessary knowledge and instruments (oscilloscope, tester). And to go with such a failure should not in the Studio sewing machines, and the Adjuster of electronic equipment.

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