Paint the bag «lilacs» acrylic paints



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Paint the bag «lilacs» acrylic paints.

I had to restore the bag by painting. Update. Bag Carpisa Italian company, of patent faux leather.


On the bag is stained, and the mistress of the bags had the idea to paint a , blemishes thus to hide. Spots are larger on the photo.

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The motive was suggested lilacs. I’m in the process of painting is improvised. Without a preliminary sketch.

For work I needed acrylic paint can with water, brushes, palette, papochka.


How to behave in acrylic on patent leather is unknown, but let’s try. For the palette I take a disposable plastic plate, squeeze on it the paint mix needed lilac color. Outline the first inflorescence of lilac. Wait, when dry.


The palette cover with cling film to paint from drying quickly.


The first layer has dried up and it became clear that the acrylic paint is holding up well. But you need to cover with another layer.

Keep drawing blossoms of lilac.


Cover the bottom a dried-up image of the second layer. Stretches color from dark purple to pink-purple.

Inflorescences draw around the leaves. And on the same inflorescence are adding the pattern of flowers of lilac. Different shades of purple and lilac.


Cut the leaves with another layer of paint. Try to draw the strokes in the shape of a leaf, labelling its structure.


The next stage is the drawing detail. The details should add to the picture specifics and make it more detailed and interesting. I continue to draw small flowers of lilac flowers. Top lighter tones lighter than the base of the flower. Bottom darker purple. I really wanted the background to add a little bit of flowers forget-me-nots. Forget-me-nots bloom at the same time with the siren.


Draw out the leaves. To contour I took the color hue of umber. And then also added to the leaves bright highlights and purple lines in the tracing.


For the mood traditional in the paintings of curls, I couldn’t resist. And this will stop.

Acrylic dries quickly. But we’ll let the paint dry for 24 hours. After that, the bag can be worn. RUB gently without scratching the figure. Here is the palette in the end.

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