Operation of the sewing machine – instructions for the machine



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Operation of the sewing machine – instructions for the machine.

Correct operation of the sewing machine – the key to its long life. This technique could be a reliable assistant for a long term and more pleasing to its owner than upset, it is important to use it and care for it. And all of the rules contains a manual sewing machine. Therefore, buying new equipment, it is very important to read the user manual to the end and then sit at the sewing. The mistake here is that after reading the first pages of the manual to the car, they immediately commence operation, learning everything by trial and error.

Operation of the sewing machine and care manual

With timely cleaning and lubrication operation of the sewing machine will bring a pleasure. The more that this does not require great skill and skills. It is sufficient to understand the essence of one time (preferably from the user, rather than at random) and fasten it with practice. And then everything will happen by itself.
After prolonged operation compartment of the Shuttle device, the Shuttle and its mechanism require cleaning from dust and other hindering the full exploitation of the particles. This operation is carried out with a rigid hair brush.
It is also important periodically to remove bobbin case from the compartment from noil fabric and pieces of thread. If this is not done, the accumulated debris will interfere with the free movement of the bobbin.
It is also necessary sometimes to disassemble itself the Shuttle move and lubricate the grooves with a small amount of oil. More details of the action plan is set out in the instructions to specific vehicles and may differ in each model. For example, this is done in machines with an oscillating hook, but the horizontal – no.
For lubrication use only special engine oil (in any case not vegetable, olive, or other). Try typing it into a medical syringe and in small portions to dig into all the available places involving the friction of metal parts. And again not too lazy to look in the manual for your sewing machine. Because what is needed for good performance of one equipment another can only hurt. For example, many modern models, lubrication is not recommended or even contraindicated.

Instruction manual for sewing machine – an important document

Long-term operation of the sewing machine without regular trips to the workshops possible, if you do everything according to instructions. The main cause of breakdowns of household «belosic» – the tailoring on them is thick and rough fabrics. Do not overload the machine during operation and protect from other people’s clumsy hands.
A sewing machine will thank you for proper and timely care, respect and observance of all the rules of operation described in the manual, durable and high-quality work.

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