Old sewing machine – is it worth it to buy a car singer?



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Old sewing machine – is it worth it to buy a car singer?.

Currently on the world market, many companies offer a wide range of home appliances, without which it is almost impossible to imagine a modern house. But for a long time sewing machine – the old assistants of any housewife. And while the new is constantly replacing their predecessors, in some homes today still has the old sewing machine singer, which has a very interesting history.

Buy old sewing machine – profitable or not?

Any sewing-machines – the old mechanical or the new computerized models – in the right hands become an indispensable and universal assistant for every housewife. If you haven’t managed to acquire such equipment, it is possible that you will face a question: what sewing machine to buy (old or new)?
Of course, modern cars are equipped with a huge amount of functionality and some of them are more like computerized robots, endowed with intelligence and able to perform independently. But despite this, many prefer to buy old and there are several reasons.
Some seek to save. After all, to buy an old sewing machine, have very little money. And if you are lucky, you can get it just as a gift from friends or acquaintances who managed to acquire more modern model.
But there are those who buy outdated sewing machine for reasons of economy, and as antiquariate things or as a gift to his beloved grandmother, it will be easier and nicer than the upgraded supercar.

Old sewing machine singer

Having decided to buy an old sewing machine, should pay attention to the model that enjoyed great popularity for hundreds of years. In Russia the machine singer appeared in the 1860-ies. The ever increasing demand already in 1902 prompted domestic manufacturers to open a factory, manufactured «singer».
The design of this sewing machine consists of a straight needle with an eye, a moving dropship, foot for fixation of tissues, and gears. In the process of improving this machine inconvenient manual lever has been changed to a foot pedal on wheel drive.
The advantage of this machine is that it can easily cope with thick fabrics (even in leather, tarpaulin, tarp). In addition, with the sewing machine, the owner can choose to fix it. She easily understands, and to understand its principle of operation is easy. And parts for this sewing machine can be found today in the free market.

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