Oil for sewing machines – how to lubricate the machine



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Oil for sewing machines – how to lubricate the machine.

Still alive and not alive in need of lubrication. Without the lubricant, will not work, neither the mechanism nor the cells of a living organism. Most people, purchasing a sewing machine, don’t even think about the fact that oil for sewing machines is one of the important components of long work machines. They think that or not very often use their device, or think of that oil, which handles the device before the sale, will last you a lifetime. But it is absolutely wrong idea. After all, oil for the sewing machine is practically no different from car oil. For example, to drive a few miles on the car without oil – already a feat. In the same way as to flash the product on the machine, not the processed oil.

How to lubricate a sewing machine

If you often use the sewing machine, the lubricant should be held once a week. Also, do not forget to lubricate the knots, especially the device in the Shuttle. After a long break in the sewing machine, it needs oil. Because in addition to the protective function oil for sewing machines has other advantages and benefits for your unit. Oil is like toothpaste for humans, helps to wash away from the mechanism once there, particles of dust and dirt. Some oils also have a special structure, which helps the parts to move heavy loads.
In addition to oil, also need to talk about butter dishes. Oiler should sit well in your hand. It should be comfortable to hold, easy to lubricate hard to reach places. It should be closed tightly and hermetically. Lubricating the spout should be large enough to reach the desired deep places. Many came to the conclusion that the best way to do this, fit a small, 100-gram packages.

Oil for sewing machines

To date, the choice of oils is very big. Oil you can choose by manufacturer or by price and properties. Wondering how to lubricate a sewing machine and it is recommended not to save and to take the best oil. It will not deteriorate, and the degree of cleaning is the best.
The flow quality of oil is low. One tube can last for a couple of years. To use cheaper oil is expedient only in case if your car is quite old or cheap. But when you buy cheap oils need to be careful. So, sometimes there is added veretenko that can have a detrimental effect on the internal condition of the sewing machine.

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