Needles for sewing machine, buy double?



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Needles for sewing machine, buy double?.

A variety of specialized stores of goods for needlework today offer a variety of accessories, without which, indeed, impossible to do. The main of these tools, by right, are needles for sewing machines, differing in purpose and design. to buy a sewing needle today, you can even in a small village, however, we must note some features which will be discussed in this article.

Double sewing needle – purpose

Needles for sewing machine – it is not only those needles, which are used most seamstresses. It is also a double and even triple needles. Different width of needle – this is the ability to change the width of the finishing stitches, which in turn makes the unique design of the product.
Also such needles can be performed on the machine finishing stitches on the valves or pockets, however you need to remember that this seam will not be very strong, because double-needle only uses one thread during the formation of the seam. But, for example, for simultaneous multicolor embroidery multiple parallel applications or drawings of a needle cannot be replaced.
Also, these needles make it possible to simulate shadows on the product, applying the threads to each other by narrow needles. Sewing on braid, the execution of the tucks or build rubber band – needles all this will be simple and swift process.

How to buy a sewing needle and not to be mistaken?

The needle is the smallest but most important detail to any sewing machine. While sewing the largest loads are on it needle, so that the condition of, for example, double needle sewing decides the quality of stitching and the absence of a defect when sewing on the machine. As we have already pointed out, this needle is used for decorative and finishing stitches, so it is very important to buy only quality tools, because this will also affect the appearance of the product.
If you are going to purchase a needle, be sure to check, warp, rust, blunting the tip of the needle and other defects, such as missing eye or a wrong location. Independently to correct the above defects, you will not succeed, so even if the proposed set of needles – the last in the store, buy it does not make sense. Not only will you ruin the product, but also can harm your sewing machine.
Before buying needles be sure to give the manual to your sewing machine accurate labeling of used needles, as well as the recommended number of sewing needles.

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