Master class: sew a handbag in the style of «borough»



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Master class: sew a handbag in the style of «borough».

We will need:

— linen and cotton fabrics;

voluminous non-woven or polyester;

glue stick;

denim thread;

metal fittings.

For manufacturing of this bag, it is preferable to choose fabrics, cotton, as well as they bloom along the edge. The size of the finished bag 21 x 23 cm Cut prepared fabric for patches of arbitrary shape is right or wrong. I chose rectangles and squares. Some pieces can be slightly razlomalis.


Take x/cotton cloth for the basics better calico, size for this bag is 25 x 39 cm we Begin to put our patches on the basis of arbitrary, but so that they overlap each other by 1.5 2.0 cm.


Turning, turning, we shift until the picture begins to please the eye.


Now we need to consolidate our beauty on the basis that it was more convenient to perform the stitch. To do this, first build the engine line after about 5 — 7 cm only vertically, and after the usual glue adhesive pencil all corners. Don’t worry, the pencil will not leave marks, but first is still better to test on a separate piece.

04 05

Take the denim thread and begin to work the line forward with a needle, with a stitch length of 0.5 — 0.7 cm in some Places you can embroider the crosses, there is complete freedom for your imagination. String measure at the stock length with the stock that the line was continuous, it was important.


After stitches our billet was reduced in length about 2 3cm, so keep this in mind when cutting basics. Here’s what you should get:


To label the blank into two equal parts. Decorative stitching to bloom, from two sides of the line pattern and along the perimeter lay the small (1mm) machine pinning line. Now cut the workpiece along the scribe line.


Between the two parts fused insert the bottom of the bag size 15 x 25 cm

09 10 11

Strengthening our billet mass lesion with interlining, but you can use thin polyester, which stuck to the cobweb.


Machine quilted on the bottom of the bags in 1.5 — 2.0 cm Trim edge, not cutting off the pinning line.


Perform the side seams of the bag, inserting belt loops at the top.


Sew up the corners and cut away the excess.

15 16

Smoothes seams and wrenched the purse.


For padding use one of the fabrics, don’t forget about the inner pocket.


Sew the prepared loop and button, insert the sewn lining into the bag and processed, the upper cut edge. Belt to cut out a strip of cloth 7 x 145 cm, we glue, sew, gut-wrenching, sew carbines.


All. in the style of «borough» is ready. I wish you success!

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