Manual mini sewing machine – reviews



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Manual mini sewing machine – reviews.

Obviously, the manual sewing machine reviews are many and varied. If you don’t sew too often and are not a professional seamstress, this option is for you. It is seen that manual mini sewing machine reviews «plus sign» gets from users, who appreciate the beauty, neatness in the home, as well as your time and money. Sewing machine (mini) should be in every home and under the arm of every housewife.

Manual sewing machine mini

In various situations can be handy handheld sewing machine – reviews show that it is a great helper at home and on the road and on vacation and while camping. You can take it with you everywhere thanks to the mini size, small weight and the ability to operate without electricity. Hand piece is very light and compact.
If we talk about its functionality, then the ability of this miniature assistant is just amazing. This manual sewing machine performs the stitch, which is enough for simple sewing, simple decoration and repair of clothing.
Manual sewing machine can handle thin knits, cotton, silk, and more dense and heavy materials such as leather, jeans (even a few additions). Operation manual the machine is so simple that you can deal with it.

Manual mini sewing machine – reviews

Manual sewing machine mini, judging by the reviews, maybe the perfect in order to hem pants, patch, and perform other simple and small work. But for larger problems it will not work.
Dignity. Manual machine is lightweight and mobile. Sew a regular stitch neat, with no gaps. Thread any of you use.
Disadvantages. It’s more of a toy for fun, rather than hand sewing machine to work. If you need to stitch, for example, the curtain, the process will take a lot of time and effort. Need a stapler to press every second. One push – one stitch. In the end just not feeling it. It is easier to take a needle and stitch the old fashioned way.
Review. Manual sewing machine – emergency, when you do not have a normal and urgently need something to sew neatly.

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