Industrial sewing machines – should I buy such equipment?



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Industrial sewing machines – should I buy such equipment?.

For large-scale production process involving production sewing, household sewing machines ineffective. For this purpose, used industrial sewing machines. Among them distinguish lockstitch machines, overlock, interlock, clocks, buttonhole and sewing on buttons, as well as reciprocating and circular knives, Ironing and other equipment. Industrial sewing equipment is very different from a regular household power, functionality, and other parameters.

Buy industrial sewing machine – when it is profitable?

It is no secret that industrial sewing machines are much more expensive than normal, even the most expensive sewing machine. However, the expense will fully pay off, if such equipment purchase for your manufacturing plant or other large-scale enterprises for the manufacture of textiles. Moreover, the conventional equipment is not able to meet the needs of large-scale production.
Benefits of industrial over domestic cars is obvious. First, such equipment has high performance. It can work continuously for a long time, producing a huge number of garments. Its service life is also longer, and the reliability is much higher.
Secondly, the industrial equipment can work with even the most heavy materials, completely blocking the performance of normal household appliances.

Industrial sewing equipment specialization

For posevnogo shop to buy an industrial sewing machine of the same type would not be enough, as each unit of such equipment designed to perform a specific operation. For example, button sewing machine is suitable only for use with fittings. For the manufacture of products need dozens of different machines or the same necessary to consider the possibility of the division of labour (production of individual parts).
In operation of industrial machines considerable attention to observance of all necessary measures to ensure safety. The equipment will develop a true high power during operation. Health hazards may pose a greater noise or moving at very high speed mechanisms. This is to always remember when working with sewing equipment and to observe all necessary precautions.

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