How to sew a bag shopper with double magnetic closure for 15 steps



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - How to sew a bag shopper with double magnetic closure for 15 steps.

This model can be implement in almost any skin, and she every time will be different. It just the stitching. She is out of season and fashion. Detailed instructions and accurate pattern all for you. Get to work!



Skin, around 100 decimeters. For this model it can be any, except for a very thin (this will have to glue inside the special dublerin for the skin, but it is better to choose something dense and solid).
Zipper for internal pocket, perhaps twisted plastic No. 5 or No. 7, or metal color in external hardware.
The material for the lining.
Two pairs of magnetic locks.
Ready handle. If where you live, there are no specialized stores that sell such products, handles can be made of the same leather and just zastrochit in the middle.
Polyteny to attach handles.
Tight seal for the bottom (I use adhesive izolon No. 3 or No. 5).
Thread for stitching parts and stitching.




Getting started:

The first thing you need to thin the edges of the skin on several parts. Say at once I understand that the machine to release the skin is available only for the units of those who will read my master class. And for those who have it, those instructions no longer a need. However, I will stop at this point: if the skin is thick, the upper edge of the bags of the future, one of the parties details of the internal piping of the top of the bag and the bottom on the sides, and the edges of the front and rear walls should be thin, to glue and bend. Or use the skin with a beautiful cut and do all pruning.


2. Gather the nerd – Assembly consisting of parts of the side walls and bottom. The bottom is sewn overlap on the barrel.


3. Here is the collection of nerdy and prepared (with flat, curved and glued edges) front and rear bag wall. To collect parts, I use a special tape for skin. All the details before sostradaniem I‘m reading them, although many, as I know, I use simple rubber cement.


4. With duct tape, the fastening of the ready bot with one of the walls, neatly primitive clips at the bottom corners to keep the parts did not disperse when knitting.


The wall to the nerd I sewed the bag on the car, as in my case, this detail stitched on the outside. But there is nothing stopping doing the same thing on promotrack, if you sew from a skin softer than mine, or you can make details from a wrong side, or the same lap as me, but without bending and pruning.


5. Glue the second wall in the same way, sew it. Turned out the «body» of the future bags.

09 10 11

Seams to «lay down«, they have a good tap with a hammer. Only without fanaticism, not to leave marks on the skin.


Bend and fix the clip joints Cotroceni details at the top, is the thick places that can straighten.


6. Now we have to paste a piece of izolon, whereby the bottom will hold the shape. Cut the rectangle to size and glue.

14 15 16

The first part of the work is ready, start the production of lining.

I’m pretty sure most of you, dear readers, knows how to sew zipper pocket with frame. Just in case, refresh the knowledge (I myself, when I was stitching, some time doing it wrong, so hope someone can help. So if you are familiar with the technology, simply pass the item No. 7).

7. So, on one of the walls of the lining (it is fully duplicates the fit of the bag) is a zippered pocket with leather frame. This cut the frame mark up on fabric the width of the cut, the cut in the middle and in the corners and turning inside out (I’m using all the same narrow adhesive tape for skin, and it holds the fabric well). In General, perform standard operations on the sewing pocket with leather frame.

17 18 19 20 21

Pasted inside zipper, outside glue fix leather frame, attached inside the burlap and begin to sew.

22 23 24

First, throwing burlap to the top, sew the inner lower part of the «window», then, throwing from the inside of the burlap down, starting from the sides and turning the needle at a right angle, sew the ends and top of the inner «window».


Then, starting at the top, a stitched border around the outer circuit (not forgetting to flip the burlap to the top when the needle is closer to the bottom of the loop).


8. Then to cut out and sew into the lining slip pocket. Do not forget to duplicate the inside from the inside seams are tight braid.

27 28

9. Now «collect» the lining on the same principle, that and a cool – bot and two walls.


10. When the shim is ready, I suggest to put it inside the bag and attach the clips over the outside edge to make sure that the size matches the size of the bag.


11. Proceed to attaching the handles. The handle I bought in a specialized store ready from imitation leather – you can choose a contrasting color, and in an industrial environment, they are very neatly done (such a beautiful, smooth handle to sew (not everyone can).

So, mark the center of the front and rear walls with 12 inch distance and punched with a punch and hammer holes to priklopiti handle. You could sew them on the machine – someone like that.

31 32 33


I mentioned in the description of the materials that handle you can sew yourself. To do this, take a couple parts in the required length (usually 50 to 55 cm seam allowance for sewing or priklepyvayut inside). Need to carve out the width with a margin of about an inch. Glue rubber glue on the two parts for each handle (so that they become double-sided). Let dry and a very sharp knife along the railway line cut off the first one smooth edge, and then, having measured the desired width (3.5 to 4 cm), align the second edge. Then sostrochite in the middle, approximately the width of 20 cm, the edge strips having the desired thickening – the plot handle, which is placed on your shoulder, or you’ll be taken by .

12. Try piping detail top, to which is attached a lining. Because it should perfectly match in size with the top bag, stand clip to attach it around the entire circumference, to ensure that the size corresponds to.

34 35

13. Now to sew piping detail lining the top and outside seam attracive.

36 37 38

14. It remains to produce four parts with magnetic snaps, which will be fastened to the bag. They have to sew in between the top bag and piping detail down the middle front and rear walls and side walls.


Button up they will criss-cross on top of each other. I also own the idea of how to mount these items in when you don’t want to zip up the bag on the clasps. Under each detail with a magnetic button piping detail top have to sew the narrow path in which to insert a strap. It is very well seen in the photo above.


Of course, you do not have to do all these small details, because in the expanded form, this purse is also good. Also you can just straighten the side walls inside, without buckling, they will stay. Clasps need rather, to make the bag more interesting.

15. And finally, the last operation: bonding of piping detail top bags, detail of buckles and the bag, and sewed one seam.



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