How to choose coverlock and buy the best



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - How to choose coverlock and buy the best.

For sewing knitwear one only sewing machine cost is quite difficult. Additionally, you may need a serger, resposible, coverlock. This equipment is designed for knitwear. But before you choose coverlock, it would be useful to familiarize yourself with the device, principle of operation and differences from other sewing equipment. This will help to understand, indeed it is necessary, and what coverlock to buy.

Coverlock – the best helper when sewing knit

Before you learn how to choose coverlock, you need to understand what it will choose. It is designed to handle stretching things. Made it line also will have the properties to stretch and shrink back.
Serger and clocks coveragenew the car combines the design similarities: they all have a part performing the function of looper. However, resposible only sews the canvas without cropping, the overlock overlaid and trims the edge, but coverlock can not only sew and cut, but also to overdoit. Also, it can be equipped with additional table and a large number of specialized legs and various attachments, allowing you to perform other sewing operations. It is also possible to choose and buy separately.
Of course, the more additional features the higher the cost. So you have to think that it is better to choose: expensive, but a multifunctional device or a simpler, but cheaper. Especially expensive ones, are machines with touchscreen displays in which switching modes and settings are all carried out electronically. However, to buy such equipment at affordable not for everyone.

What coverlock to buy and how to choose

In order to purchase coverlock the best in all respects, it is necessary to decide which operations are important for you. And then on the technical characteristics, popularity, and reviews to choose the right model.
For example, the Juki MO 735 handles two to five threads, makes overlock, flat seam, and smachiwausa-overlock, role-playing and chain a straight line. On this device it is possible to obtain so-called «scalloped».
On Merrylock 007. you can perform many different overlock stitches, three clocks, and also chain straight seam.
But Baby Lock BLE8W-2 8-thread. It performs 58 species of lines with maximum speeds of up to 1500 St/min. This machine can afford to choose professionals to achieve very high quality products.
Bernina 1300 mdc is a new modified model. Applied for the first time the unique function of micro thread control (the first letters of these words are included in the model name).
Having enough information to choose a specialized sewing equipment will be much easier. And you can choose exactly the machine that is perfectly suited to your needs, meet your requirements and will do the best.

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