How to choose a sewing serger and buy the best



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - How to choose a sewing serger and buy the best.

Many stores offer a wide choice of sewing equipment, among which there are sofas, armchairs as professional, industrial, and household, different models and manufacturers (Brother, Janome, Toyota, Merrylock, Singer, Pfaff). So it is understandable that arriving at the store, the buyer is involuntarily lost. Overlock – how to choose, so it was most appropriate? You can offer your advice sellers. However, they can help sewing serger buy only if you know exactly what and why you need to choose.

Best serger

Technology can be a two-patinece and to perform a variety of operations. To decide how to choose serger, you need to first, decide exactly why you would like to buy it.
Today, even cheap shades can get a good crop, a buttonhole for any fabric: various kinds of knit, stretch, microfiber, cotton. Almost all sergers perform the rolls seam have a differential fabric feed, and some models of sergers are also additionally equipped with legs that allows you to do other operations. Choosing the right model and equipment, you can buy the best sewing machine option.
If the requirements for the sewing equipment is not very high, you can choose an ordinary car with a built-in overlock. However, it is worth considering that a sewing machine averlogic very slowly, it can nicely buttonhole medium and thick matter, but not knit. A real serger makes the whip much faster and quieter, cuts, uneven edge, makes a beautiful straight seam, and to cope with any fabric.
The quality of the stitch will depend on what differential conveyor is equipped with a serger. Cheap overlock this one-piece rack. And in the more expensive sergers with differential feed it is divided into two halves — front and back. The thread forming the stitching when sewing on the last, slightly weakened and therefore, do not rush. This is important in the processing of Jogging suits, knit shirts, underwear, swimwear. If you plan to deal with such products to choose such a serger, as it will be the best.

Any sewing serger to buy?

We can safely say that the best sewing machine is the one that you selected to the individual needs of the buyer. If you choose the serger for home, for home use, you can buy the most simple and ordinary. It is not very expensive, and its capabilities will be enough to repair clothing or hemming pants.
For professionals of course better to choose an advanced serger, maybe not even one. In an intense rhythm of work once and then reconfigure the serger, it is much easier to have on hand a few that are configured to perform different sewing operations, and depending on the kind of work to select from.

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