Household sewing machines (household machines)



Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Household sewing machines (household machines).

: Door interlock the machine just needed a good sewing knitted materials. Its direct purpose is the implementation of elastic joints used for accurate closing of the cut turned-edge products. Processed resposible products can withstand a lot of stretching. For example, you can see this by looking at the ACC any t-shirts or a swimsuit. The most common are: household appliances in industrial sewing. Such industrial equipment is not affordable for everyone. However, there are: household sewing machine for domestic use. They have a slightly different device (simplified) and are much cheaper than the industry. Manufacturing equipment: office equipment spetsializiruyutsya many famous manufacturers (e.g., Juki, Janome, Brother).

Appliances equipment: office machines: advantages

Of course, knitted stitch, if you try, you can perform a simple sewing machine with double needles and decorative stitches. But to achieve high quality and speed up the process: door interlock sewing machines still remain indispensable.
In addition, a significant plus resposible that they can work with textured yarn and polyester. Due to this lines are especially beautiful, neat and very durable.
Also: door machine is applied for decorative finishes. Decorated in this way the clothes look more beautiful and stylish.
On: door machine can perform several other operations: sew the elastic to make loops and much more. But on the other hand, the clocks of the machines used to perform a fairly narrow set of sewing operations. Unlike ordinary sewing machines, clocks – this particular equipment. They often are purchased for high-quality products (mostly professional sewing).

: Door machine: device

Constituted household: household machines are not as common. The first difference is that the clocks in the machine, no bobbin case. Threads of control are submitted directly to the needle and the looper.
Domestic resposible can flash four kinds of flat elastic stretch stitches. The first – a triple a width of 5.6 mm. the Second broad and flat with a width of 5.6 mm. the Third and fourth narrow flat (left and right) with a width of 2.8 mm.

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