Hand sewing machine — reviews about portable, for sewing on buttons, industrial and heavy duty


Hand sewing machine

Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - Hand sewing machine — reviews about portable, for sewing on buttons, industrial and heavy duty.

From time to time everyone is forced to visit the studio of clothing repair. Not everyone has an expensive sewing machine at home. It makes no sense to buy it for a few minor repairs. Handheld sewing machine can serve as a good alternative. How to use handheld sewing machine? It is not difficult to understand it yourself. A small handheld sewing machine has many advantages: it copes with simple repairs and thus inexpensive, compact and easy-to-use.


Handheld sewing machines reviews

Portable («mini») sewing machine is a device of small size (average 15×15 cm) for small sewing works. It looks like a stationery stapler. It is perfect for occasional simple repairs. Also it is very convenient to take with you a portable machine on a business trip, a trip out of town or on vacation. It is hard to say what the best handheld sewing machine is, since the technical characteristics of the different models differ little from each other. Owners mark the following positive qualities of these machines:

  • compact: the machine easily fits in the female palm and takes very little space in storage;
  • light weight (about 350 grams);
  • ease of use: the principle of usingthe machineis the sameas the staple, but instead of staples;
  • threadcoilis insertedA needledropsand makesthe stitchon the fabricby pressing the

thumb on the head of the machine;

  • possibility to useas amachineon the network, as well asa batteryorAAbattery;
  • availability: a small pricecompared to the bigstationarysewing machines.

Small sewing machines are very convenient and practical. Handheld sewing machines (review of quality which is given above) are used for simple sewing work: repairing things, sewing new small products. By the machine you can do embroidery on cloth, yuck a pants, hem or repair curtains without removing them from the eaves, and much more.

Machines operate almost every fabric: and with easy silk and dense drapes. The stitches are obtained accurate and sturdy if it properly used. On the front of the line is placed in a flat stitch and the underside as a kind of pigtail. These stitches as braids can be used for the front side, as well as embroidery on fabric.

Some reviews on the machine states that stitch can be deteriorated after work. This occurs if it is not properly fixed. You need to know the simple rules in order to stitch not deteriorates:

  • when the fabric isstitchednotimmediatelyberemovedfromitundera needle;
  • thefabricsshouldn’t beimmediatelyremovedfrom needlewhen it isstitched;
  • you can’tpull athreadnear thefabric;
  • you should cut athreadaway from theedge of the fabricso that you cantie aknot.


Heavy duty sewing machine

Of course, the mini machine can’t be used for dense materials such as . It doesn’t have the necessary capacity for this. However, it is possible to adjust the handheld sewing machine Singer, Podolsk for leather products. It will fit perfectly for small work. However, you have to consider different kinds of contraptions to leather more easily moves. For example, the strips of paper and teflon foot well suite. A handheld machine quite copes with a task how to insert a zipper in a leather product.



Industrial handheld sewing machine

Industrial handheld sewing machines are designed to work with a lot of fabric. They are used in sewing industries. Naturally, industrial handheld machines are the nonsense. They have a number of distinctive features because of its industrial tasks: comparative awkwardness, some limitations of operations (compared with household machine), but there is high speed, the ability to make very accurate stitch and other advantages.


Button sewing machine handheld

Special machines sew buttons on production. Usually the buttons are sewn by hand at home. What do you do if the buttons are not one or two, but few dozen? There are two variants. Holders of ordinary household sewing machines will be able to use the function button sewing using a special foot. It is not too difficult to learn this function. You will save precious time as a result.

Or you can buy a small handheld machine for sewing on buttons. It sews a button by one touch two, four and so on holes. The sizes of this machine are small: approx. 5×12 cm. such machine besides sewing buttons can become an assistant in case of need urgent repairs. For example, it is well suited for fast and, of course, temporary repair a torn seam or zipper.



Threads for handheld sewing machine

are one of the factors that affect the quality of any sewing machine: electrical or mechanical, industrial, domestic or handheld. It is impossible to get high-quality line if the thread is picked up incorrectly, even if the machine is set up perfectly.

You should remember one simple rule when choosing a thread for handheld sewing machine: should pick up the thread under the needle and fabric thickness. The denser the tissue, the thicker should be the thread. And it is conversely. The thickness of the thread is always marked on the coil.

You can take either reinforced or synthetic according to the composition threads for handheld sewing machine.

  • Reinforcedthreads are naturalthreads which are based onthe addition oflavsanrodwithsome

other fiber cotton, flax and wool.

  • Synthetic threadsare100% polyester. The advantage of suchthreadsas opposed tonaturalisthat

they are less «wooly» because due to better torsion. Their thickness is uniform throughout its length. Thus they are much smoother than natural threads.

Mechanical handheld sewing machine

In addition to portable handheld machines mechanical handheld sewing machine is a good alternative to large stationary sewing machine. Today, however, it is rarely used. It copes with simple sewing tasks and very easy to operate. You don’t have to frequently use the services of the studio if you learn to do the stitches on it. As well as this handheld machine is perfect .

The correct thread tension is the main point in setting up a handheld sewing machine. A screw which adjusts the tension of the bobbin thread is located on the bobbin case. Thread tension will depend on how tight the screw is tightened. A regulator, which is located on the left side of the machine, is responsible for the tension of the upper thread. You should balance the optimum tension of both threads by selection before proceeding. A line winds if the balance is not found.

There are some advices for successful work in mechanical handheld machines:

  • you should use special needles with knitted on the machine with the horizontal shuttle. A

machine with a vertical shuttle has required folder;

  • you shoulddefinitelygrease themachine by oilmajormechanical componentsif the

machine wasn’t in using for a long time. You need to disassemble the machine, clean the components from dust and grease again if even after greasing, there are some problems (for examples, thread torn, cloth, not moving). You can start to work through a day and can pre-sew unnecessary piece of cloth on the machine.

Cordless handheld sewing machine

Handheld sewing machine is designed to be mobile, easy to operate and undemanding in care as well as other inventions of this type. Therefore, they are also undemanding in terms of food. Old mechanical machines are driven with one hand. Modern handheld machines are usually powered by batteries or AA batteries. Cordless machines are convenient because once bought batteries will serve as much as the machine itself.

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