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Hello, readers of my blog «I sewing machine!». The topic of today's article - The best kid-friendly sewing machines for kids – Janome.

Kids like to make things personally and in the process get a great pleasure. One way to do this is sewing on children’s sewing machine. Children will have the opportunity to make creative things and to learn to work. You’re going to make your child a gift, buy a sewing machine. How can cost best sewing machines for kids? The average price of the kid-friendly sewing machine is $ 100. The machine for $ 200 will be more different functions. We bring you the top 5 of kid-friendly sewing machine cost from $ 65 to $ 150. Their parameters will satisfy a child who is just beginning your journey in the fabulous world of sewing and handcraft. Any of these machines like your baby. Do not be afraid to make the wrong decision at the sewing machines for kids reviews. It is impossible for such a variety of devices.


Janome sewing machines for kids

Janome Fast Lane Fuchsia Portable Sewing Machine


This sewing machine is small and looks like a toy, but it can perform all functions. The models Janome Fast Lane are the best sewing machines for kids as they are comfortably to learn to work. It is equipped with a single-speed foot pedal and makes only ten stitches. It provides protection for the fingers. The machine will surprise you a soft and smooth way. It has a small storage box coils, needles and other necessary devices. It not only sews well, but looks amazing because of its color. This model is suitable for novices and young girls. This device is available in other colors: orange, purple, teal.


Janome 2206 Sewing Machine


The main criterion when buying a sewing machine for a child is its simplicity. The model Janome 2206 accurately fits the bill. She makes only 6 stitches, and to begin with it is enough. The machine has no automatic needle threader, but the child is able to perform this operation manually. Your kid can choose the pattern and stitch width using the circle scale on the obverse of the machine. Every child will be satisfied by the work of the quiet and capable sewing machine.


Janome 11706 3/4 Size Hello Kitty Sewing Machine


The sewing machine Janome 11706 has a size of 3/4 of conventional size. It is a cute machine turquoise with white flowers. Most children can easily move it. Hello Kitty Sewing Machine has an attractive appearance and it works well. This machine fully supports the reputation Janome sewing machines for kids as high-quality machines. It is secure and makes a perfectly flat seam.


The kid friendly sewing machine


Besides the above Janome Sewing Machines are very popular brand is Brother. They are suitable for all the most demanding child.

Brother XL2610 Free-Arm Sewing Machine


This model range is not for nothing that is in high demand. This easy pink machine has an auto-needle threader and it makes 25 stitches. It has a set of built-in functions, so your children can evolve their constructive capacity and perfect practical skills. This is a modern and kid safe sewing machine giving an idea of home appliances. On such machine the young seamstress can sew an outfit for dolls, apron or cushion for needles. It sews measured and seamlessly. It can use a variety of tissue types. The stitches are obtained smooth, both on a professional device.


Brother LS2125i Sewing Machine


This machine is standard size, but it is not hard. It is not difficult to work. Its cost is about $ 100. It can perform ten types of stitches and do buttonholes. This machine has a stitch switch, thread tension and spool winding. Directly on it is a diagram threading. It facilitates the work of a beginner. If you do not expect from this machine that it would take very complex functions, it is very good at this price.

Deciding to buy any of sewing machines presented here, do it, do not hesitate. You will be satisfied. Do not miss these wonderful machines, they will not disappoint you. Imagining the future sewing machine for his beloved little daughter, you desire it to be affordable, secure and convenient in operation. Any of these meet these requirements. Their sales period is already quite impressive and their price decreased. Thus, one can choose a good cheap option for your children. Work at the sewing machine develops an imagination and inculcates a love of needlework and creativity. The girls learn skills that they will use in school and in family life.

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